Hello friends1, welcome to The Mother of All Excuses Place. Over the years, everyone where I work has always thought that we should be writing down all the excuses everyone there has given for not coming to work that day.We all thought that it would make a very entertaining book to read. Well we never got around to writing that book, but with the popularity of the Internet and the ease of making a web site, I decided to publish all the calling in work excuses I, or people that submit them, have heard over the years. Plus I have sections for missing school and homework excuses,police or accident excuses,kids excuses,getting out of family events and holiday functions, breaking dates, doctor excuses,doctor's note, missing church, wedding, diet excuses, why I ate that,debt excuses, tax excuses, not paying the rent, getting out of home repair excuses, unwanted house guest excuses, jury duty, defense excuses, not voting, no sex, miscellaneous excuses, excuse related humor and funny things that people do stories.We have all used or heard excuses for missing just about everything.If you have a suggestions for a new excuse page or would like to submit an excuse, please go the Submit Excuse page and send the to me!

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