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I'm sorry so sorry..... but I have to break our date! Most of us have heard that one before. Well here is a place to find a new one or put out ones that you have given or received. Please send yours in today!

  1. Listen, Fred I'm really sorry that I can't go over to your house on Friday night. My parents said that it is going to be family night and we are going to check out all the casino action listed in Atlantic Ccity and I don't want to miss it.

  2. I'm sorry or maybe not, but I can't go out with you tonight! My boyfriend just got back from College and he is good looking and your not, he's tall and your not. I know this is a piss poor excuse but I'm going out with him and not you. That is why I'm a psycho bitch ok, just Good-Bye!

  3. I'm sorry I can't go out with you tonight like we planned, because I just found out there is a Leave It To Beaver marathon on TV and I can't betray Wally.

  4. I am a little embarrassed because I actually fell for this. I had just started going out with this guy and he told me that he couldn't attend the BBQ at my best friend's house because a good friend was having problems with his ex-girlfriend. When asked to explain problems, he said that his friend's ex-girlfriend was having people drive by the house killing his dogs one at a time. His friend needed him there for moral support, losing a girlfriend is one thing but losing a dog is heartbreaking. When I questioned him on how realistic he was sounding, and why the police hadn't been contacted, he said his friend lived in the country and this was the country way of taking care of problems, and you didn't call the police to this type of situation.
  5. This guy would not take "no" for an answer. So I told him that I had received an obscene phone call, and had the phone tapped. He shouldn't phone me because the police might inquire at work or home, and I didn't want him to be embarrassed. He never called again. Whew!
  6. My friend who is divorced with two kids, wanted to get rid of this guy she was dating so, she told him: I had a sex change; I used to be a man but now I'm a woman. That's why we can't be intimate.
  7. Now this is an actual excuse I used. This guy wouldn't leave me alone so I told him that I was so glad I had a great friend like him and that I wanted to be able to confide in him more. Of course he was happy about this. So I went on to tell him that I was having problems with my lesbian lover. We went on to actual be really really good friends. So then he went on to ask me if he could join us. Then I was caught in the lie and had to tell him the truth. Luckily he understood and we are still good friends.
  8. I wanted out of a relationship so I told the guy that since he wasn't there for the miscarriage I suffered, I could no longer be with him. Of course I was never pregnant in the first place. It was cruel but it did work and it was creative.
  9. Well this guy said he really liked me and we should get together. We do have a lot in common. We set the day and the time, I let him know I would cook and have it ready when he got there. So we were talking on the phone at the time, he told me to page him or he would call me Sept.18th,1999.To get good directions. I suppose his excuse is he erased all 5 of my pages ,forgot to write the number down .....and couldn't find my house because he couldn't call for directions. Boy he doesn't know what he is missing. I am probably his dream come true, but after that I would have to say no matter how good looking I am thru with him. He is missing a very beautiful person, inside and out. There isn't another guy I know that would do that ,that knows me. They are trying to find me and asking directions from everyone in the small town I live in.
  10. I'm going to Hell for this one. I met two guys around the same time that really liked. We have been Emailing back and forth for awhile and I have been hesitant on going out with either of them. I want to date them, but I need a little time before I am ready (we'll get to the reason shortly). So I wrote them both letters saying I was sorry for delaying, but I was having some troubles with an ex-boyfriend of mine. I proceeded to say how much I believed in building a relationship on honesty and I hoped he would understand if it took some time before we could go out. Now for the really bad part: I came to this website looking for a really good excuse to use when I break up with my current boyfriend.  Withheld due to incrimination....I ain't giving this out either.
  11. I cannot go out with you tonight because I need to start spending more time with my blender.
  12. My best friend, Maddie told me this over the phone, This is an excuse for females who are being hounded by "unattractive men" or extremely jealous women who have nothing better to do except cause trouble. My girlfriend was accused by her neighbor's wife of sleeping with her husband whom she had said "hi" to once in a grocery store . She told the wife that if her husband was the last man on Earth, she would commit suicide!"
  13. I had been dating one fellow for almost two years, but he wouldn't commit. So when the second fellow started hanging around, I didn't object. However, when fellow #1 was due back into town for a visit, I had to think of something to keep fellow #2 from visiting or calling for a few days, so I told fellow #2 I was visiting my grandmother in another state. He bought it. Fellow #2 is now husband, and we still laugh about my little white lie.
  14. I'm sorry but I have to break our date tonight. Y'see I kinda got my penis stuck in a rusty toaster.
  15. This really works! "I'm sorry I can't go out with you tonight, the cat exploded and I have to take it to the vet.' If your date asks if he/she can come with you, tell them you have cat guts stuck in your teeth, and wouldn't be very good company."
  16. I'm sorry I have to break our date. My goldfish died, and as I flushed it down the toilet, the toilet broke and flooded my bathroom. As I went outside to get my neighbor (he's a plumber), I accidentally locked myself out. I tried to climb back in through the window, but I caught my dressing gown on the window and I fell (naked) to the ground. I have several injuries and I am too embarrassed to leave the house.
  17. "This is how to break a date: (if you live with your parents) when the other person calls you, and asks you what they want to do, say "Just a second, let me ask my mom" then you go to your mom and scream "MOM! F--- YOU!!" almost any mother would then ground you....Case solved, instead of being with the loser....quality time with yourself."
  18. I can't go out with you tonight because my husband Tony has told me that if he finds out that I am seeing someone else I'm gonna wake up with their head on my pillow, did I mention that my husband's in the Mafia?
  19. A friend of mine was turned down with this line, "I can't that night because my mom is cooking me a liver dinner."
  20. I'm sorry that I cannot go out on a date with you but I come from Lavitia. In Lavitia the word yes means no, thank you very much but I am gay.
  21. This is for one of those friends that you just don't want to see this particular day. (I really used this) I cant come over, I'm too busy watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. friend: But, this is Friday, it was on 2 days ago me: Oh, I know, I taped it. I'm watching it today friend: but you taped it, you can watch it anytime me: Nope, sorry, Friday is my taped Buffy day. (walks away)
  22. I'm sorry that I have to break our date, but you see I was out bowling with my friend's tonight and I got my hand stuck in the ball, and they had to take me to the E.R. Where they had to saw it off of my hand. My hand is now swollen to extreme measures, and they have me on this really weird medicine that makes me sneeze and fart every 10-15 minutes. SORRY!
  23. This guy that did something for me really cheap asked me on a date and feeling obligated to say "yes" I did. When he called to set up a time, I told him that I forgot I had this really big project due and I couldn't go out with him.
  24. I've actually used this one - I'm sorry but I can not go out with you due to my deathly reaction to total DUMB ASSES (A.K.A YOU)
  25. Well normally my roommate and I simply don't answer the phone but after a while it gets really annoying. My roommate and I fall into that stupid college bind of kissing someone while intoxicated then giving our numbers out. Here are a few 1) Sorry I just realized what you look like sober and you are not cute! 2) I'm going out with my boyfriend tonight can you give me a call another time please 3) Sorry but I've f----d way to many of your brothers at this point I can't afford another bc I will get a rep.
  26. I'm sorry I can't go out with you, because if we ever got to the point of me seeing you naked, there would not be enough voltage in the world to shock me back into coherency!
  27. Talk about a sure fire way to break a date. This is a "dirty little secret" that I have since learned is used fairly commonly among women ages 18-29. A woman (let's just call her Hairiett) was giving me mixed signals one time at a bar. It was very unclear to me whether or not she was interested in my invitation for a date. She and her girlfriend said they needed to slip away to go to the ladies room and assured me they "would be right back." Well, nearly 10 minutes passed before I saw them emerge together from the rest room. "What took you so long?" I said. "Weeellll," said Hairiett, the 22 year-old I was interested in, "we got a little side tracked when I decided to take a dare from her," pointing at her smiling accomplice. As she spoke, I noticed something in her teeth -- maybe broccoli or spinach I thought. But the more I stared, the more I realized that it wasn't food. IT WAS A PUBIC HAIR stuck right in between her two front teeth! Needless to say I was effectively blown off (no pun intended) by this woman and never asked her for a date again. As I stated at the beginning, it is a dirty little secret that many women pull this stunt when they want a guaranteed way to escape your pursuit. Now that you have been adequately warned, keep your eyes on her teeth! You just might be surprised what you see.
  28. The worse excuse for dumping someone is too much school work.
  29. I'm not your type. I'm not inflatable.
  30. My boyfriend said this to me when we split up "I can't see you anymore, my mom said so." Sad thing is, he is 25. 
  31. One time when a guy was suppose to go to a dance with me, he broke the date 2 hours before saying he ate dog shit. Thinking it was Pate, and was rushed to the hospital! Whatever!
  32. I'm sorry but my friend is a psychic and she thinks that you are the devil, and dating you would violate so many personal rules of mine.
  33. This actually happened to me about 2 years ago. About 30 minutes before my date was supposed to pick me up, He phoned me and said he had to cancel because his ex-wife's cat had died and he had to help her pick out an urn for the cremated cat's ashes.
  34. Okay, I was on this blind date last summer with this...troll. He was smelly and drunk by 8 pm and wanted to dance- yuckiee!!! So I told him I had cramps and walked around holding my tummy. 15 minutes later I was home safe and sound!
  35. Him: How about going out on Friday Night? Her: I'm sorry, I'm washing my hair that night. Him: Well, how about Saturday? Her: It has to dry.
  36. I would love to go out with you, but I need to ask my fiancÚ, and I don't think he would like that very much. I actually used this one, it really works!
  37. If you don't want to dance with someone: Say, " I'm sorry but I just got my leg out of a Cast and the doctor told me to stay off of it as much as possible.
  38. This one almost always works for breaking a date: "Well, it's really sweet of you to ask, but I have to take my kids to see their father in prison that day... How about Thursday?"
  39. On the phone: I have to go because my sister is about to hit me over the head with a hammer if I don't give her the phone. I'll call you back later......if I live. I actually used this one and it is true.......I had to wrestle the hammer away from her and that's why I never got to call him back.
  40. I had a date call me 30 minutes before we were supposed to go out. He said his ex-wife and their son were in an accident and had to be taken to the hospital. I thought I would be nice the next morning and take him some bagels for breakfast. I called all of the area hospitals and he wasn't at any of them. After a couple of phone calls, I never heard back from him, nor did we ever go out. Four months later, when I had been dating someone else for 3 months, the other guy sent me a card in the mail saying that he had been really busy at work and now had the time to go out with me. I never responded.
  41. If you ever have problems getting someone to back off, just mention to them that "the restraining order that your ex-lover and their new lover had placed on you for stalking was just listed, so yeah-sure, why not, you feel like celebrating!"
  42. Ladies~ this one always works for those freaks that won't leave you alone: Lead them on a little bit, then have a friend casually drop it in conversation to them that you are really only 14 years old and very developed for your age. You'll never hear from them again!
  43. Sorry, I would love to stay/talk/go on a date with you but I have to give my neighbors fish a bath!!!! *My friend, actually said that to this guy that would not leave her alone*
  44. "Sure, I would love to go on a date with you. Let me contact my Parole officer first and see if he will let me."
  45. I'm sorry I can't go out on a date with you tonight. Ya see, I was micro waving some frozen hotdogs and I didn't quite cook them correctly. They barely thawed out and all this hotdog-smelling water spilled all over my pants. (he/she says: Than why didn't you put on another pair of pants?) Well, I only have one other pair of pants, and I peed those. I just don't think you'd be comfortable.
  46. I am sorry I cannot go out with you 'cause my Venus is in Jupiter and yours is in Mars.
  47. My parents are coming over tonight and I've got to get the house in order!
  48. I would go out with you but my Daddy is a professional prisoner and he's out on a vacation right now.
  49. Believe it or not this actually worked. I had this girl that would not leave me alone, even though I told her that it was over. Finally one day I got so tired of her I told her I can not see her because my goldfish drowned and there were so many memories. I never saw her again.
  50. I can't go out tonight, I've been lifting breezeblocks all day. (This is a genuine excuse, used a few months back when my friend Mark had run out of proper reasons not to go out.)
  51. "I'm sorry for breaking off our date, but I'm going out of town for a long time.. i don't know if I can contact you in a long time.." (actually I told this to someone, and my friend called and said, 'you didn't tell me you were going out of town!' and I told her I was just making it up as an excuse, and then she and the guy started laughing- he was on three way calling!!!!)
  52. "I can't go out with you tonight as I have to wash my cat."
  53. I'm really sorry I can't go out with you tonight, because the Mother Ship only visits once 25 years.
  54. My boyfriend of several months, told me one night after dinner, "I'm sorry, I can't go out with you any more."  "Why?" I ask.  "Things (the relationship) are going too well.  I just can't do this to myself."  Hmm. [ Note from Madtbone:  I guess some guys just have to have a bad relationship to be happy.]
  55. I was dating this guy who worked at a venue where most of the crowd was more punk-rock, I was like that back in High School, anyway one of his excuses was that I looked normal!  Ha, I may look normal, but I ask any one of my friends- I am definitely one of a kind.  Lame excuse, Greg. 
  56. My boyfriend recently broke up with me because he "didn't have time for a relationship due to his hectic work and school schedule"..... I found out a week later that what he REALLY meant was that he was too busy for a relationship with me.... but he had all the time in the world for his NEW girlfriend.... and that he was already going out with her for two weeks before he broke up with me..... and how did I find this out, you ask??? I called him after the breakup, and his mom said "hi Sarah (not MY name), will you be staying over with Greg again tonight?" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... MEN!!!!!
  57. I'm thinking of using this excuse pretty soon.  Me: "Stephanie, we can't go out anymore, sorry."  Her: "Why?"  Me": "Well, unfortunately, some girls yesterday made threats to me saying if I don't dump you, they will report me to the principal for bothering them due to the fact that they are bothered by us going out."  If this excuse is submitted on this web page, then it'll work!
  58. I'm sorry Cindy we can't go out tonight,  me and my friends were  playing soccer, and the ball hit my  crotch!  And  my tentacles are twisted and I can't walk! 
  59. A friend of mine said that she had this friend that wanted to meet me.  I talked to this friend on the phone and we agreed to meet.  Working the late shift I gave enough time for this girl to get enough Dutch courage inside her before we met.  As the night went on she told me her address.  Not living in the area I searched the www for a map to direct me.  I could not find it anywhere.  I texted her mobile to ask if the address was correct - I got no reply.  As the shift went on I was getting more and more uptight as to whether we were going to meet or not, I tried to contact her again just before the end of the shift to just make sure it was still ok to meet, even though it would have been after midnight - her mobile clicked straight to her answer phone.  I left a message but thought if I hear nothing I'll go home.  I heard nothing, went home stood up and very disappointed.  I asked my "date's" friend when I got to work the next day if she had heard anything.  It turns out that my date had had a little too much Dutch courage, somehow dropped her mobile down the toilet and is gutted as she still really wants to meet up with me.  I don't know but if we never meet It'll be an excuse I'll have use myself!!!
  60. Why lie when breaking a date?  Just say you don't want to go out with them!  It's that easy!
  61. Him:  Wanna go to the dance with me?  Me:  Uh . . . I can't.  Him:  Why not?  Me:  I've got something else to do.  Him: Whaddaya mean?  Helpful Friend:  She has a boyfriend! Him:  So?  Me: Yeah . . . I have a boyfriend . . . he's very violent . . . you know how those never-sober 28-year-olds get . . . Him:  Oh.  Me:  It's not you . . . Him:  Is it my ears?  Me: Yeah, your ears.
  62. I'm sorry but I was in with my vibrator.  And it gave me more pleasure then you ever will. :)
  63. Him:  "Wanna go out?"  Her: "Sure, Is never a good time for you?  Never works for me!"  I also broke up with my ex-boyfriend from a friends house over the phone..."we are just two very different people" and with another one when he called me from across the country to say hi - a little mean, sure, but they deserved it ;-)  Also:  him - "wanna go out?" her - "wait! my toys! my toys!  I can't go without my toys!"  (runs around frantically like a mad woman) and another:  Him - "wanna go out?"  Her - "I'm sorry, but as Satan's advocate, I'm not allowed to date mortal males"  Ohhh so many more great ones I've collected in my history...but I don't want to wear y'all out! 
  64. I was seeing this guy for a few months and one day he told me he didn't want to see me anymore.  When I asked him why he said,  "You just don't wear enough make-up.  You need to wear a lot of make-up 24 hours a day and you just don't do that."  Very creative.
  65. I cannot go out with you, because lately I feel like I can do a lot better, sorry.
  66. Girls, here's a good one if you just want to get away from a guy.  Carry a beeper, or a toy that looks real.  In the middle of him asking you out or to dance, jump and take a look at your beeper, then say excitedly, "Gotta go, daddy just broke out of jail again."  Leave immediately.
  67. After turning a guy down for a date about half a dozen times, he called again.  I decided that I needed to get creative quick, so told him that I lost my hamster and I had to find it before my parents realized it got out of its cage or they'd kill me because they didn't want me to get the 'rodent' in the first place.  After a little bit of hesitation, he said, 'but, you don't have a hamster.'  I said 'exactly!' and hung up the phone.
  68. Not really a excuse, but a friend was set up on a blind date once; which was miserable.  She excused herself to the restroom about half an hour into the date (realizing the bar didn't have nearly enough beer to make the guy interesting.)  and snuck out the window of the bathroom, ran to the car and came home.  She never heard from the guy again.
  69. My brothers fraternity roommate actually did this on the phone to his girlfriend that he was trying to break up with but wouldn't get the message:  Hey Angela, I think we should break up because I woke up with the weirdest smell in my nose this morning and I couldn't get the smell out of my mind, it was so awful, but I finally realized what it was, it was the smell of your cuchi.  She cursed him out saying that was the most screwed up thing she has ever heard in her life.  He became my hero.
  70. I'm sorry, I want to go out with you tonight but I haven't done the laundry in two weeks and I don't have anything to wear - I mean NOTHING!
  71. I'm sorry. . . I fell into the toilet when I was putting on my shoes, got flushed into the sewer, battled the sewer king to get back my lost high heels.  And when every thing was said an done I found out that I'd missed our date completely.  I guess it just wasn't met to be!
  72. BABY BABY I know it was our 1st date last night, it's that my car was stolen that's why I couldn't make it in time.  I had to chase after those thief's with a moped and why would I lie. You know what, hold on I'll be right there and I'll prove it to you!
  73. If you want to leave a date early:  "Sorry, I have to go home now and have an orange, as I have scurvy."
  74. Well it's not as creative as some of you guys' ones but I met a guy on the net.  Oh, he was really cute alright, intelligent, educated and seemed quite nice and we had a few things in common.  But on date two we planned to see a particular movie together and when we found out it wasn't on he wanted to see a really gruesome sounding movie that I WASN'T too keen on and was BEGGING me!  I said I had to go to the ladies and chatted to some girls in there who said yes the movie was truly stomach-turning, not really what I felt like.  So I said to him I'd had a call from my parents, something had come up at home and I had to go home.  He seemed a WEEE bit snotty and said he would see the movie ANYWAY.  I never kept in touch after that.  But karma got me a little bit!  The other night I was telling my boyfriend about this and I happened to mention the name of the movies and then said "oops!" and he laughed and said, "I'll say!  Oops alright!  That was only a few months ago, we were still together then! (and still are!)"  I told him I didn't know where our relationship was going at the time and mainly sought friendship but still -- caught out!! 

    Slightly related, an earlier boyfriend of mine was being an outrageous flirt and I said - obviously looking a wee bit upset -  "I'm just going off for a walk."  They said, "Why are you going for a walk?  At night?"  "I need air."  I said and then remembered we were already outside!!!!  I've also had some blind dates when I've wanted to pretend I was not the person they were meant to meet!!!!
  75. My plunger is stuck in the toilet and that's why I can't go out with you tonight.
  76. I really used this one this girl wouldn't leave me alone and at first I didn't say anything.  Well one day I got pissed and told her, "I'm sorry (girls name) there not enough beer in the world."
  77. A female friend and I went on a few dates.  She was very beautiful and Catholic.  After the few dates, she told me we could no longer date because she had spoken to God and I was not in His plans for her.  The worst part: a friend of mine dated her a few months later, and she used the same excuse.
  78. I met a guy at a bar several years ago, I had too much to drink gave him my phone number.  (Of course I recalled he was cute, tall and fun).  We made a date when he arrived at my apt He was short, ugly and not at all what I remembered (too much alcohol).  I excused myself to go to the ladies room.  I yell to him to please call my roommate that my IUD had just fallen out and could he please leave and I would call him later.  A few hours later my roommate and I were out dancing and you guest it he was too.  Needless to say my IUD was fine. 
  79. I'm really really sorry to break our date tonight, but my parole officer says that after stalking & attempting to kill my ex husband, I'm just not ready to be dating guys again.  But please give me your phone number, address, work number & work address, and a list of every place that you will ever be visiting and I just KNOW that we will run into each other again.
  80. I'm sorry but I wont be able to make it tonight.  I suddenly regained my vision while I was looking at a picture of you.
  81. If someone asks you for your phone number & you don't want to give it just tell them ~ I'm sorry but I don't have a phone. ~ they will either believe it or get the picture & back off.
  82. I'm sorry but I can't be w/ you tonight.  I have to find a good place to hide my ex-boyfriends body.  Do you have any ideas?
  83. I cant make it to our date tonight.  I'm on some weird medication that makes me do strange things & I was very hungry so I ate the phone.  Now I'm hearing peoples conversations but sometimes I just get a busy signal!
  84. This blind date was too old, ex-druggie, just divorced, ugly, boring, and smelly.  What did I tell him as the reason no second date?  I'm allergic to smoking.  He said he isn't comfortable continuing the conversation, so I said, ok, and hung up. :)
  85. Well, my dad's friend Andy lost his eye in a firecracker accident.  So, he had a pretty convincing glass eye. I remember when my dad told me that Andy had a glass eye, I was pretty surprised, as I had never noticed.  Anyway, after Andy got divorced from his ex-wife, Trudy he started dating again.  So he's out one night, on a first date with a woman he'd only 
    met on one occasion before.  Anyway, they'd each found each other physically attractive, but had never had any real conversation.  So they get to the restaurant, and it's a rather swanky place - Andy's out to make a good first impression.  Unfortunately, she was not.  She was rude, making a point to correct him, yawn, give him one word answers, roll her eyes and complain.  She even belittled him in front of the waiter, who couldn't help but chuckle at Andy's expense.  Andy is so disgusted by her obnoxious behavior that he decides to have a little fun with her. So, after the food is brought to the table and they begin eating, the woman excuses herself to the ladies' room.  Not one to miss an opportunity, Andy pops out his glass eye and nestles it in his date's mashed potatoes.  So, she returns to the table, sees an eye staring at her from her mashed potatoes, screams, knocks over her salad plate and her drink, and runs out of the restaurant like a bat out of hell! I sure hope she rethinks her behavior on her next date!
  86. I had gone out with this guy a few times and I didn't think we were really "clicking".  He, however, thought I was THE ONE.  I tried all the old faithful excuses; gotta wash my hair, it's my friends birthday, I'm working that night, he just wasn't getting the picture.  One day he called and my sister answered the phone.  When she told me who it was I groaned, "I don't want to talk to him!" Sis: "What should I tell him then?"  Me: "Tell him I'm dead".  She did and I never heard from him again. 
  87. My boyfriends excuse for breaking up with me was:  I don't think you should be changing for me, not that you have changed, I just don't like you for you anymore.  I was pissed.
  88. Breaking up - I don't think we should see each other any more.  Why?  I'm leaving the country.  Yeah, it would have worked if I didn't see him every weekend and kinda notice he was still here (six months later!!). 
  89. I used this (over the phone... ack) to break up with my ever-lovin' ex...  Me:  I don't think we should see each other anymore.   Him:  *long pause* Why not?  Me:  Well, I don't have enough time to devote to this relationship and it wouldn't be fair _and_ my feelings have changed.   Him:  If that's what makes you happy.   Me:  Er, I didn't say that.  *long pause* I'd better go.  *long pause* Bye.  *long pause, during which I get thoroughly bored and hang up*   Now, the truly sad part of this story is that I saw him several months later.  One of the first things out of his mouth was, "Gaaawd, I look like sh*t, I've been so sick."  To which I politely say,  "Oh. I'm sorry."  Followed by me saying that I made the varsity boat "and all that _time_ really paid off."  Oooh, I'm evil...
  90. A girl used this excuse on my friend, "I'm sorry I cant go out with you tonight I have to clean my shower."
  91. I won't be able to keep my date with you tonight because, my wife is coming over.
  92. I'm sorry, but I can't see you tonight.  I was just flirting with you to get this other guy's attention and it worked so I'm going out with him tonight.
  93. I am sorry I can't come out tonight, I have to rearrange my sock drawer.
  94. For breaking up for girls...  I really don't want us to break up, but I can tell by that look in your eye, you think it's the right thing to do. 
  95. I noticed you eyeing up that bloke yesterday, I think it's time you learned to bat for the other team.
  96. This ones for breaking up with someone, and not having to take any of the blame!  What?  You want to break up?  No, don't say a word, I understand.  If you want us to break up, I'm fine with it.  That's a yes, look it's been really great, see you around.  Oh, and I'm so glad you had the courage to do this.
  97. I really would love to come out tonight, but there's a really special edition of ground force, I really mustn't miss, if I plan on planting my Geraniums this month.  Then tomorrow I have a date with Alan Titchmarsh, so really I can't see when I'll have the time!
  98. I'm sorry I can't go out with you, I promised to take my grandmother to Hockey Practice. 
  99. I want my first date to be with a special guy.
  100. I just got my hair done, it might get ruined.

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Well friends we have many more work excuses to go.The Breaking Dates and Relationship 2 page has excuses 101 and up.

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