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Funny Things That People Say and Do #'s 1 to 100

People do the darndest things. You have, I have, we all have done what I call funny acts of stupidity. I know that this isn't an excuse, but I think we come up with one after we get caught doing that darned thing that embarrasses us. So I have created a spot where we can share the the stories about our loved ones or friends mistakes.  If you have a funny story, please go to the Submit Excuses page and send them in. I usually post on Sundays.

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  • 1.  One time I was helping my wife do the laundry. We live in an apartment and the laundry room is outside. I was bringing back a dry load of clothes in the laundry basket and carrying a gallon bottle of bleach with it. When I bent down to put the basket on the living room floor, the bottle of bleach spilled on the dark brown carpet turn it a bright yellow....Madtbone.

  • 2.  A friend at work today told me that when he was a kid his Father cleaned out the bottom of the fireplace and put the ashes in a bag in the garage. A little while later his younger sister came running into the house and said calmly that the garage was on fire. When they went outside the garage was completely engulfed in flame. Then the car that was parked in the garage blew up from the gas tank. Yikes big mistake!

  • 3.  I even have a fireplace story. I really thought the ashes were out. I put them in a paper grocery bag and left them on the living room carpet near the fireplace. After about 10 minute we smelled smoke and saw that the bag was smoldering and had burned a hole in the carpet....yes it is me again, Madtbone.

  • 4.  I have had a couple of Brother-in-Laws pull this trick. Both of them had put new linoleum floors in their kitchens. In their hurry to get things back together again, they moved the refrigerator back into the kitchen and the weight tore up the new flooring. The 2nd Brother-in -Law did this right after we told him about the other one doing it. We tried to warn him but he didn't want to listen to us....yes my Brother-in-Laws, Madtbone.

  • 5.  My Father-in-Law needed to change the vacuum cleaner bag and didn't have one. So he had a good idea. He taped a big plastic garbage bag to where the old bag was. It worked fine for few minutes. Then the bag grew to a huge ball and blew up. Dirt flew everywhere....what a mess, yikes that's my Father-in-Law, Madtbone.

  • 6.  My wife one time accidentally put dish washing soap in the dishwasher instead of the right kind of soap. She was in back of the house for awhile and when she came back to the kitchen my 2 year old twin son and daughter were up to their necks in soap suds having the time of their life....yes my kids, Madtbone.

  • 7.  My wife and her sisters took all the kids and went camping. A group of the older kids got there first and set up the tents. Later in the day when everyone was at the lake another nephew, who came up and saw the tents set up decided he wanted his tent in the place where there was already a tent. So he moved that tent and replaced it with his. During this time his brother was at the beach and when he came back, noticed what his brother had done. He told him that the tent he moved, wasn't in our campsite. It was a stranger's tent! So then he started to frantically put the tent back with one nephew and his girlfriend saying, "here comes the people!!!!" but they were just messing with him. The funny part was when the people came back, and noticed that their tent was set up backwards and they had no tent stakes, then started giving us dirty looks! Yes, this is my family again.... Madtbone.

  • 8.  Years ago while my husband and I were making love in our bedroom, our 2 year old son can in the room without us knowing it. He proceeded to jump onto is Dad's back and started yelling get em' up pony ride em' pony!

  • 9.  One time when I still lived at home, my 17 year old younger sister had her boy friend over in her bedroom. I was sitting at the kitchen table with one of my other sisters and all of a sudden her boyfriend can running out of her room, bare ass naked and it a full state of arousal, with my father chasing him out of the house. Looks like they were caught in the act! Dad was MAD to say the least.

  • 10.  I had a really neato toy that used a special type of caps. These caps were on a big square red sheet that was perforated into single caps. In an attempt to quickly cut them, I folded the sheet then cut it with a scissors. The caps exploded, and the fire ran up the scissors and burned my hand. The carpet caught fire too but I stamped it out and cleaned off the ashes. It took a few weeks for my mother to convince me to tell her how I had burned my hand. That story proves that those little labels on caps that say "Do not use without adult supervision" are serious.

  • 11.  True story....I was 8 months pregnant with my 1st child and at my moms dinner table when my step-father decided to start a food fight with me...he tried to toss an olive down my shirt so I retaliated by smearing mashed potatoes on his arm... I retreated under the table when his hand, full of his own mashed taters, comes charging for my face...we were laughing so hard...and there I am, on my hands and knees, under the table and I started to pee...being so very pregnant , I couldn't control my bladder...so the more I laughed the more I peed...my mom and husband were tossing napkins under me as I was causing a flood.. needless to say...there haven't been anymore food fights!

  • 12.  One time I was in a small elevator and I farted it was so bad smelling I couldn't stand it my self, and then I gave the other people in the elevator with me the how gross look as if they did it or something when on the inside I was cracking up I couldn't wait to get off the elevator and let out a huge laugh.

  • 13.  I live opposite a Service Station (Petrol station or whatever you refer to it as over in the States?) I went across and filled the car up with gas then went inside and paid the attendant. However, instead of getting back into the car and driving back home...I left the service station and walked home, leaving the car behind. It didn't dawn on me until I'd been home for a brief period of time that something was wrong and then I clicked! I'd gone and left the car behind. I sheepishly went back across the road to collect my car and got an ear-full of laughter from the attendant and his cohorts. Needless to say that every time I go back to get either gas or other items of necessity I now get a response of "Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?"" from the attendants with a friendly grin. (I still haven't had the courage to tell my wife about this little memory lapse episode - hehehe)

  • 14.  Once my babysitter from England put so much Kerosene in the fireplace that when she lit a match and put it on the wood there was a ball of flame that reached the ceiling, it blew her eyebrows right off!!!

  • 15.  This is not an excuse, but one of the funniest stories I have ever heard. A friend of mine, (who shall remain nameless for fear of retaliation) was at the gynecologist for her regular checkup. When the doctor was doing the palpation part of the exam when he puts his hand inside and presses on the abdomen, my friend let out a HUGE fart! The doc and the nurse gave a valiant effort at remaining stoic, but within a few seconds, all 3 collapsed into uncontrollable laughter and the doctor had to postpone the exam!! Needless to say, she was quite embarrassed and changed doctors immediately after this little episode.

  • 16.  Last year we were doing a thing with vocabulary words. We hade to write the meanings for them. One of the words was petition .Well I hade to go up to the board and write a sentence for it. My sentence was "Before you could get a job you would have to sign a petition". I went back to my seat and the teacher is laughing so hard I did not know what was wrong with her. Then she said said, "Mindy do you really have to sing a petition before you get a job?" I looked at the board to find out I actually wrote the sentence "I have to sing a petition before I get a job." The whole class was laughing at me. Then she went to get all the other teachers on that floor. They all where laughing at me. I was so embarrassed.

  • 17.  We were doing a school play. One of my lines was, "We feel much better now". Well when it came time to say that line this kid farted really loud so that the whole room heard it. I started busting out laughing at that and could not say my line. I covered my face and could not do the rest of they play. I was so embarrassed, the whole room was laughing at me. Bye the way the room had oh lets say 500 people in it.

  • 18.  This happened to a friend of mine. Knowing that she had an appt. with her gynecologist that day, she took extra care to be clean and neat. She even sprayed a little deodorant on the parts to be inspected just to be safe. When her gynecologist entered the room and pulled up her gown, he smiled and said, "My aren't we pretty today!" My friend was absolutely appalled at the nerve of this man to make that kind of comment and didn't bother hiding it, leaving in disgust as she as the exam was completed. When she got home that evening and undressed she looked down and realized that rather than applying the deodorant as intended, she had sprayed her daughters Barbie Glitter on herself. She called and apologized the next day.

  • 19.  This message was sent to me from a computer analyst at the college I work at: The system spotted some corrupted document in your mail database overnight and attempted to fix it. It seems fine from this end now but I would feel better if you can tell me that everything is fine from your end as well. Can you do a quick check for me? Look for messages that would have been delivered to you yesterday (March 7th) but that you haven't seen yet, i.e. messages that never showed up in your Inbox. If you find any, can you please call me a.s.a.p. If you don't find anything amiss, don't worry about it. Is it just me or would I not see these "missing" messages cause .... THERE NOT F***ING THERE??!!!!! -agf-

  • 20.  I live near a small neighborhood store. One night on the way home from work I stopped there and parked my van across the street. After buying what I needed I walked home leaving the van.. The next morning I woke up and upon not seeing my van parked out front I thought it had been stolen. I called the police and reported my vehicle stolen, thinking what a crappy neighborhood I live in. They said they would send someone out in about 30 minutes. Thinking a had a little time to kill, I walked up to the store to get a cup of coffee. It was only then that I realized what I had done.....stuuupid.

  • 21.  Well my family is quite funny and quite air headed. My older sister had taken my mother, her son, her boyfriend at the time, and myself to a wild life park for a joyful evening of animal watching and a picnic. After a few hours of her tormenting the caged animals and us gawking at them we decided to eat lunch my sister so taken by the buffalo walked over to the fence wearing a red t-shirt and red shorts and was making faces at them and noises and pointing at them one came close to the fence and as my sister turned around to face him he sneezed and blew snot all over her face and shirt. not knowing it was on her shirt she went to wipe the little on her face off and ended up putting more on and all over her arms and hands. she still tells em to avoid the buffalo and they since have put up fences so no one can get that close.

  • 22.  My brother has a best friend. The two of them are like Laurel and Hardy. Both are a bit blond. My brother is 6'5" about 250 lbs and is built like a brick wall his friend Scotty is about 5'9" and 130 lbs if he's lucky. They were working in a garage on their four wheelers and my brother felt a smack on the back of his head. He turned around and in anger smacked Scotty on the back of the head hard enough to smack the hat off of him. Scotty having no clue what it was for, smacked him back, after some confusion, smacking each other, and calling each other lude nasty names, my brother admitted that he had felt something hit the back of his head and accused Scotty for it. Scotty in shock said "I DIDN'T DO IT". Both confused and still calling each other names and hitting each other decided to forget about it and go back to work. Ten minutes later something hit Scotty in the head. Scotty turned and said "I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T DO IT SO WHAT WAS THAT FOR". My brother was on the ground looking at what he was repairing and looked up and said "HUH"!! As my brother looked up he said "LOOK OUT". Scotty threw himself to the floor and looked up. Above them both was a bird flying around dodging them. Believe it or not situations like this is normal for the two of them.

  • 23.  When I was little, my family (three sisters, one brother, two foster brothers) and their friends would all have food fights and water fights while my mom wasn't home. One time in particular my sisters had gotten out ketchup, mustard, cool whip, and shaving cream. ALL at the same time. After throwing food and squirting it at each other and having fun they brought in the hose, because someone decided they were all to dirty and needed to get washed off. The house was saturated and was a complete mess. My sisters got together and cleaned the huge mess up with towels took the curtains down and washed them and washed their clothes so there were no traces of what had happened and decided to make up the excuse and that everyone had to stick together on what had happened. My mother returned the next day in the morning finding the house a little array and the floor soaked she waited for them to get up. They sat down and told my mom that they had to wash the floor cause they had spilt juice and the buckets of water as they were carrying them to where they had to clean. Thinking they had gotten away with it they smiled at my mom. My mom busted out in laughter knowing her children were full of it. She said "Is that ALL you have to tell me and you swear its true??" They said "yes!!". Mom stood up and told them to follow her. As they did mom pointed out the huge mustard stain on her curtain behind the door and also led them to the hose that was trailing through the yard to the back door left on. Then proceeded to tell them she found the cool whip bowl in the bath tub. Just goes to show you you can never REALLY fool your parents. Trust me THEY KNOW!!

  • 24.  When I had just turned 16, my parents let me take their car to school to show off that I had gotten my license. I was to call the minute I got home so they knew I was not out joy-riding. So I got home, pulled in the driveway and realized I didn't have a house key. My parents came home 3 hours later, angry, thinking I'd been out cruising around in their car. When I said I was locked out my mother replied, "Why didn't you use the garage door opener?" DUH! They decided sitting in the car for 3 hours with nothing to do but my homework was punishment enough.

  • 25.  This is a funny but true story. I worked at a plumbing company as a receptionist and just received a call that a "pumper van" was coming in for a quick repair before going out on an emergency call. When I had asked what the repair was that was needed, I was told that the van door was broke and asked to have the mechanic handy for when the truck pulled in. A little while later; the van pulled in and I saw the mechanic go out to repair the door. About 20 minutes later, I heard a lot of noise and commotion outside; and upon looking out the window-I could not help but laugh and call my coworkers over. How many mechanics and plumbers are necessary to repair a stuck van door at Spartan Plumbing Company? 9, one to hold the van door still, while there are 4 others; pushing the van back and forth on each end!

  • 26.  I am a very clumsy person, and this is one of the many stupid things I have done. I had a cat that I was very protective of, and every time he would go outside I would worry about him. I always ended up chasing him down and bringing him in. Sometimes it would take hours to coax him in to the house. One day after about an hour and a half of chasing him, I decided to just go into the house and wait for him to come in on his own. About 15 minutes later I looked out the door and there he was sitting on the porch. I decided to sneak out and grab him. Right as I went to pick him up, he took off running. I was so intent on catching him that I didn't notice when the porch ran out, and I fell three feet landing flat on my face. I ended up with a broken nose and two black eyes. 

  • 27.  One day I was preparing a meal and my 18 month old was being too "helpful." I decided to give him a couple of plastic canisters and a spoon to use as a drum stick on the lids of the canisters. I set him on the living room carpet with his "drums" and was watching him as I cooked. Seeing how content he was, I sneaked off to the bathroom for just a minute. I returned to find that he had opened the canisters of flour and oatmeal and had mixed them together into the carpet! I never thought he could get the lids off. Seeing him so innocent with oatmeal in his clothes and flour on his fuzzy head, I couldn't stop laughing. -giggle, giggle, ha ha!

  • 28.  One time my mother and her twin sister and her two daughters went to a department store in a little town outside of where we live. My mother went into the store with dark glasses on and was pretending to be blind. To say the least us girls were really embarrassed. My mom was knocking things over and yelling at my aunt about the color and price of things. The sales lady in the store was walking around behind my mom picking things up off the floor while telling them it was ok.. My mom turned around and asked my aunt who said that my aunt said it was just the sales lady then my mom walked right up to her and ran her hands all over the woman's face. Finally they decided it was time to go so my mom handed my aunt her wallet and she paid for the items that my mom happened not to break. We went outside to the car and my mom went around to the drivers side and got in the car. The looks on those peoples faces in the store is one you will never forget!

  • 29.  When I was still married my husband went to the basement to work on the broken hot water heater. After I while I thought I smelled something burning. I ran to the basement, threw open the door, and yelled "I think something is on fire!" He said, "Shut up stupid it's me." He had lit a match to get a better look! The gas water heater threw flames out and burned off all his facial hair. Guess I wasn't the stupid one after all.

  • 30.  This is not an excuse, but a really dorky thing I did. Any way. I wear earplugs at night because my husband snores often and I am a light sleeper. One night I had been most the way asleep and my husband decides that he is feeling frisky and we have some lovins. Problem is I forgot all about the the earplugs because I was still a little groggy. When it was over I asked if he was done and he didn't answer so I repeated myself and he finally pulled out one of my earplugs and said "yes already and stop yelling" but we were both laughing so hard by then it to was to funny to be embarrassing.

  • 31.  Funny Story..........and true. My sister-in-law was pregnant when she was 18 years old. Being that age she was still modest when she was in the delivery room with her Dr. and his young, cute assistant. They numbed her and she was pushing. After it was over she yells out, "what's that smell?" A nurse could hardly contain herself when she had to tell her she pooped all over the place!

  • 32.  I have an example of how you can't fool your parents. My best friend and I were probably 16 or 17 and were at her house. Her mom was going out and we knew she wouldn't be back until the following morning, so we had a party. We had lots of beer (they had tabs on them then) and lots of people over. Around 3am we were very drunk and couldn't hardly walk but we knew we had to clean up before we could go to bed. So we crawled around on our hands and knees cleaning up every single beer tab, even checking under every pillow and couch cushion! We even mopped up in the kitchen floor, took out the trash, and emptied all the ash trays. Thinking we did a fine job we went to bed. The next thing we know we hear this "whooshing" sound fly over our heads. It was her mom throwing the 6 pack of beer she found in the refrigerator across the room! To this day we still can't believe we did all that cleaning just to forget the fridge!

  • 33.  I was working as a waitress in a restaurant in university. I was only about 19 years old and I was serving a table of 3 women. Well, I went up to them and said in my chipper waitress voice, "Hi! how are you doing today?" One of the women turned to me and said, "Not too good. We just lost my nephew today." In earnest, I looked at her in shock and dismay and said, "Oh my God! Did you find him?" She looked at me for a second, and very patiently and politely, holding back a grin, she told me that the boy had died that morning! You can't even imagine how bad I felt!!! I apologized over and over again and bought their drinks but she kept saying it was okay and laughing at the same time. I figure that through my stupidity, I brought some joy to a woman's sad day.

  • 34.  One day, while out of town, my daughter and I decided to stop at McDonald's to grab something quick for supper before heading home. She went into the restroom after we ordered. She was seeming to take a long time, so I went in there and feeling ornery, started making grunting noises. Then, I started making farting noises with my mouth and hand, all the time trying so very hard not to laugh. All of a sudden, another person came out of the stall beside her, and it was a McDonald's employee!! I hadn't looked under the stalls to see if anyone else was in there, so you can imagine my surprise!!!! I just looked at her horrified and made a funny face like, "Man, someone is really doing a job in there!" and kind of laughed. She looked at me in the same manner. Then she walked out and my daughter came out of the stall and said while laughing hysterically, "Man, Mom, did you hear that lady next to me?!?!??" We were laughing so hard, I couldn't even tell her that it was ME making the sounds until we finally made it back to the car! We still have a good laugh about this to this day!!!!

  • 35.  The morning after drinking a little to much, I was driving my brothers bug home and my alcohol decided to come back up, fast. My mother would flip her lid if she found out about me getting drunk and my brother would disown me if he knew I drank to much (or drank at all) and barfed in HIS bug. So when I got home I said that the night before me and my friend had mixed milk, orange juice, marshmallows, and other miscellaneous food in a blender to make nasty drinks so we could dare each other and her sister to drink them. I said that it was so sick it made me puck the morning after. They believed me! All I had to do was clean it all up really well. There was another time when I snuck out my window thinking I could get back in easily the way I always had, by stepping up on the small wood lining that went around the front of the house. Well, a lot of work had been done on my house, I hadn't noticed that the wood lining was gone. So when I came back and was shocked by the fact that I was caught because I couldn't get back in, I woke up my brother and asked him to let me in. Being the rat that he is, he had to go and tell my mom. So I calmly explained that I sat in my window because I couldn't sleep and ended up falling asleep and loosing my balance and falling out. I thought it was a good excuse and stuck to it! My mom didn't quite believe me though. 

  • 36.  We were in German class and a boy called Jack was dozing off - the teacher asked him "So Jack, how is it on Mars" in German. Jack replied what he thought meant very hot but was actually very gay and there was an uproar from the class. Once the class was quite and back to work, the teacher interrupts and said "no Jack, we're talking about Mars, not UrANUS!

  • 37.  A few years ago, my boyfriend came over to visit while both of my parents were at work. Well, one thing let to another, and we got a little bit too "friendly" one the couch. (I was 17 at the time, he was 19.) Well, after a few minutes, we both heard a noise that we took to be the automatic garage door going up, meaning that one of my parents was home. He runs around the room, grabbing clothes and then rushes into the bathroom. I, in a state of utter panic, stand up, naked, and hold a blanket up in front of me. As if they wouldn't notice I was naked behind it or something. Thank God that the sound we heard was actually the heater switching on, or I would have been so busted.

  • 38.  True Story: Two Years ago my Mother Passed away and my brother and two sisters and father were at the funeral home making the arrangements. One of my sisters brought along her young seven year old daughter who sat fidgeting in a chair. The wriggling youth sat next to me and her father on the other side of her. She kept wiggling around in her chair and then she bent waaaay over in her chair and let out the loudest fart I have ever heard in my life. I glance over at my brother just in time to see his shoulders shaking as we both tried in vain to hold in our laughter. Then little Sherry says "Excuse Me"; with a mad glare from my father, and then Sherry's tearful "But I didn't mean to". And the the icing on the cake was my Brother-in-law's Blasť "Leave it to Sherry". Needless to say I had to leave the room where I escaped to the bathroom where I remained hysterically laughing until I could regain my composure. It's funny how in the depths of despair their is humor to be found.

  • 39.  We were eating at a restaurant with my husband's family. There was 6 of us, seated in one of those big round booths. My nephew Caleb, who was 3 and almost fully potty-trained, suddenly had to use the bathroom. We were all eating, and no one really wanted to take him. He was sitting right in the middle of the booth, so no matter what, everyone would have to move to let him out. "Will you take him?" "No, you take him." "Why doesn't he take them?" "I don't want to take him." Finally, my husband Aaron asked, "Caleb, are you wearing a diaper?" He was. "Just go, then," Aaron joked. It was like a light bulb appeared above the child's little head, and he sat there silently for a minute. Everyone was amused by this, and said nothing. When Caleb continued to sit there, motionless, my husband laughed, "Are you going?" Caleb smiled very slowly... "yeah..." We all started cracking up over this, while his mom complained, through her laughter, about his potty-training being ruined. 

  • 40.  This is a funny thing that happened to me about a year ago. I was helping my mom in the yard and was walking back into the house. I then proceeded to step on the business end of a rake left on the ground and the rake handle came swinging straight up into my face. I swear, it was like something out of a cartoon. What made it worse is that my mom and little sister saw it and laughed for about five minutes over it. 

  • 41.  I had managed to slip away from work one morning while running an errand. I stopped at my apartment to see my wife for a few minutes. Well one thing led to another, and we ended up making love for the better part of an hour. As we were lying there naked and still sweating and panting I heard a noise. I jumped out of bed and ran to our bedroom door, I looked down the stairs that lead to our front door, and there stood a rather embarrassed UPS man. He thought it was the kind of apartment where you go in through a main door to a second door to the residence. I threw on some cloths and signed for the package. My wife and I laughed for 20 minutes over that one, and still chuckle every once and awhile.

  • 42.  I play tuba. One day, back when I was in college, I was walking from one building to another between classes. The buildings were fairly close together, with a concrete stairway between them, and it would sometimes get really windy. That day was one of those windy days, and I was carrying my tuba. A gust of wind hit the bell of my horn as if it were a sail and blew me-and the tuba- down the concrete steps. I landed badly, and couldn't get up, so I had to wait for someone to come along to help me. When he got done laughing, he contacted campus security. Two officers came, radioed for a couple more officers, and they laughed all the way to the campus infirmary. The nurse at the infirmary couldn't keep a straight face as she told me I'd have to be taken to the hospital for x-rays. A security officer took me over, where the desk nurses, ER nurses, and radiology technicians also had a good laugh. Naturally, I missed class and was late for work...by this time, I knew exactly what to expect when I called my professor and my boss-they both laughed like hell. Thankfully, I just had a bad sprain.

  • 43.  This is a true story, but I have to admit I myself would not have believed it if it didn't happen to me... I was in a hurry to get to a 9-o'clock meeting in the office, but unfortunately was driving an old car that had a tendency to choke up and die on me every once in a while. It took me about 30 minutes to restart the engine whenever it turned itself off. That day I got to the parking lot just a tiny bit too late (as usual), and in my hurry decided to try and get into a very tight parking spot instead of looking for another one. I did manage to get in, leaving less than an inch between my car and the car parked on each side, when, of course, the engine died... and wouldn't start up again. There was no way I could open any of the car doors, and there was nothing much to do but sit there, locked in the car, knowing everyone at the meeting I was supposed to lead wondering what happened to me, feeling absolutely ridiculous. Only 15 minutes later someone walked by and I had a brilliant idea: I yelled out to him to come over, threw out the car keys, and asked him to unlock the back baggage compartment door, through which I finally managed to climb out... I was laughing so hard when I finally made it to the meeting, that the other attendees forgot all their anger. Incidentally, I sold that car a few months later.

  • 44.  One day I went over to my friends house and my friend was going to go out on a date. Her mother asked me to stay so I could help her frost her hair. I said, "I've never done that before." She said, "don't worry, it's simple, you just put this cap on my head, (cap had little holes in it) take this tool (looked like a crochet needle) and pull out strands of hair every few holes. So I did this and when all the hair to be bleached was pulled out she said, "Great!" She bleached the hair and about an hour later she had removed all the garb, dried her hair and was primping in front of the mirror. She said "oh! It looks so good!" And it did, but then she turned back around to go into the bathroom and admire herself in the mirror, as she did I notice the back of her head looked like a dice with exactly five dots on it. Needless to say the next time I saw her all her hair was cut off.

  • 45.  A couple I know decided it was time to redecorate their bedroom and stripped their old wallpaper off the walls, getting their 4-year-old son to help them. When this was done, they prepared the walls and put up some nice, new, modern wallpaper and the room looked much better -- until the next day, when the mother caught her son in the room, "helping" his parents by carefully ripping off the new wallpaper from the walls....

  • 46.  I grabbed a slip out of the dryer hurrying to get ready for work. Finished dressing and shot out the door. Upon arriving at the patients home, I found he had fallen. As I was unable to lift him, I ran for a neighbor. We got the patient safely in a chair. A few minutes later, the neighbor was at the door and handed me something pink. I unfolded it only to discover to my horror, a pair of my panties. He smiled and turned away when I said, "my Grandma said "You never know if you'll be in an accident. Always have clean underwear!"

  • 47.  This isn't an excuse, it's a particularly funny story!!  Well, once my friend and I were walking home from school after a long hard week, talking merrily amongst ourselves.  We started noticing people giving us peculiar looks on the way home, but thought nothing of it, as you do.  Bad mistake thought.  It was only when we got home that my friend realized her skirt was tucked into her jacket and had been like that all the way home!!  No wonder all those people were laughing at us!!  And of course she blamed me for not telling her, but the truth is I didn't know!! Honest...

  • 48.  When I was about 6 or 7 yrs old, I went to see Sesame Street Live.  I was all dressed up, wearing slip on shoes.  I was short, so my feet didn't touch the ground and I was swinging my feet back and forth.  My shoe flew off, onto the stage, while big bird was roller skating. He tripped on my shoe and fell.

  • 49.  My husband and I have a goldfish pond in the back yard.  The pond was getting very green looking and dirty.  Couple days later I couldn't stand looking at it any more, so I decided to take some bleach (the kind you use for clothes) and put some in the pond, well let me tell you after a few seconds later those fish came jumping out of the water and they all died.

  • 50.  I went to this one swimming party and there was one of my friends with me.  He whispered in my ear that he had a really big fart stored up and he was going to go fart on this one guy that everybody hated while in the pool.  He went over there and started to let er go when he saw everybody screaming and running out of the pool. Needless to say, he covered the guy with diarrhea!

  • 51.  This is a true story!  When I was pregnant with my first child, the doctor put me on bed rest for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy.  I was so big that I just decided not to shave my legs. So when I went into labor, I didn't even think about it.  When I was in the labor room and the nurse was checking me, my mother was in there.  I had been in labor about 20 hours and felt horrible.  My mother looked at this nurse and said  "You'll have to excuse her, she's hairy just like her father!!"

  • 52.  Well this isn't an excuse but rather a funny story I heard on the radio sometime ago in England.  It seems it was the 18th birthday of the ex girlfriend of the guy that called in.  Her parents were planning to go out and leave her and her boyfriend in the house.  The parents said they had left a bottle of wine (18 being the legal drinking age in England) and some food in the kitchen.  Well they opened the wine and drank most of it.  Being slightly drunk one thing led to another and both ended up naked and hungry.  She hoped on his back and he carried her towards the kitchen, her breasts over his shoulders.  As they opened the kitchen door they heard "SURPRISE!!" all her family and neighbors were in the kitchen for a surprise party!  She just ran upstairs and didn't come back down again.  He finished by saying  "I didn't see much of her after that".

  • 53.  In first grade, I was in the middle of a math test.  Almost 30 kids were in the room including me.  Everything was as quiet as it could be.  All of a sudden, I farted really big!  I mean, you could almost hear it through the windows.  Everybody laughed like heck!  The teacher just went "ohh."  Talk about total humiliation.

  • 54.  A young manager of a convenience store was having a problem with a rough looking group of loiters outside.  I suggested he do what one seasoned manager I worked for finally did to drive some loiters away.  He sent me outside with a broom, a mop and a bucket full of the most awful smelling chemical solution of bleach and who knows what else and asked me to clean the pavement near the loiters were.  Within minutes without a word they were gone.  Their excuse:  "This places stinks, let's go some place else."

  • 55.  The most embarrassing moment of my life was when I was about 15, it was a very wet day and I was walking up my street towards the bus-stop to get to school, I had walked this way many times before, having no problems at all.  Waiting at the stop was this girl I have fancied for AGES, I casually started to walk towards her, when my foot slipped on the curb.  I went flying on the floor, and because of the surprise of it all I let out a huge fart right in front of her!!  I was completely embarrassed and went bright red.  Everyone there just began laughing and clapping at me!  From then on I have always been given the nickname 'Kirby' from my friends, and to my shock, even the girl calls me it!!  That was definitely the most embarrassing moment of my life!

  • 56.  I was 27 and coming out of a very bad marriage.  My best friends decided to "set up" a blind date for me.  I've never been in favor of blind dates but was feeling particularly blue since my birthday was coming up and I had no one to share it with, so I agreed.  I received a telephone call from my date on a Wednesday evening.  He sounded too good to be true and we talked for over an hour.  He told me that since it would be my birthday that I should pick out what we would do for the evening.  I was more than willing to do this and said that dinner and a movie would be terrific.  He agreed and we arranged for him to pick me up on Saturday evening.  Right on time Saturday there was a knock on my door.  I opened it and found a beautiful Golden Retriever sitting on my doorstep, attached to my date, who really was blind.  My friends had not told me and neither had he.  I had planned for us to see a romantic chick flick, imagine how embarrassed I was when the first thing out of my mouth was, "Oh you must be my BLIND date?"  "Obviously!" he replied with good humor.  We are still friends to this day and still laugh about our first meeting.

  • 57.  This isn't an excuse, just a funny and absolutely true tale demonstrating my bad luck.  I had just turned 16 and bought my first car, a bright yellow 1981 Datsun 210.  Well, the first day I had it on a school day, I decided to celebrate by skipping school.  Needless to say, I got caught, as I always did.  My mother was driving by the high school and DID NOT see my bright yellow car in the parking lot, so immediately knew I was playing hokey.  I was hanging out with my boyfriend's brother at an apartment not too far from home, but my parents had never been here and didn't know where it was because I had just started going out with the boyfriend.  Nevertheless, my mother showed up at the door of the apartment and asked my boyfriend's brother if I was there, while I hid behind the couch.  I told him to lie and he did, even though my mother told him she thought it was weird that I wasn't there because my CAR was.  When she left, I knew the jig was up and decided to flee.  To where, I don't know, I was eventually going to have to come home, but my brain wasn't functioning on that level.  I made my boyfriend's brother come with me, I guess so that my parents wouldn't unleash their full wrath because someone else was there.  Anyway, I was driving down one of the main streets and I look in the rearview mirror and my DAD is right behind me looking about ready to kill me!  I was shocked because my dad worked 45 minutes away from home and must have been specifically called by my mother.  I don't know WHAT I was thinking, because I just sped up as if I was going to outrun him or something.  It was straight out of a COPS episode.  Finally, I just turned around and went home, because where was I going to go?  My dad was right behind me the entire time and we got home and told my boyfriend's brother he would drive him home (since I certainly wasn't going anywhere!).  He declined saying he would walk and RAN away.  I was in SO much trouble and my parents even took me to the dean's office in the middle of the school day, which completed my humiliation.  What I learned from this was that if I was going to skip school to leave my car in the parking lot and have someone pick me up. 

  • 58.  During an Army war game a commanding officer's jeep got stuck in the mud.  The C.O. saw some men lounging around nearby and asked them to help him get unstuck.  "Sorry sir," said one of the loafers, "but we've been classified dead and the umpire said we couldn't contribute in any way."  The C.O. turned to his driver and said, "Go drag a couple of those dead bodies over here and throw them under the wheels to give us some traction."

  • 59.  I was already in my PJs when I realized we were out of eggs for breakfast on Christmas Eve.  We had a lot of people showing up at 8 am for breakfast.  So I drove my 14 yr old daughter to the store and waited in the mini van while she ran in for the missing items.  I told her to hurry as I didn't want anyone to see me driving around in my PJs.  I was circling the parking lot waiting for her to come out.  I was coming back up the lane when I saw her come out of the store and get into a mini van of the same color right in front of the store.  I had jump out (in my PJs) and yell to get her attention.  I'm not sure who was more embarrassed, me for having to get out of the van in my PJs or her for getting in the wrong van.

  • 60.  While vacationing in Jamaica, at the Fiesta Americana Hotel, I was swimming in the pool and as I went to get out, instead of using the steps I decided to pull myself up from the side.  As I did my trunks slid all the way to my knees and I mooned everyone on the other side of the pool.  I quickly jumped back in and pulled up my shorts.  When I looked over to see if anyone had seen this, there was an older lady laying with the biggest smile I had ever seen.  I didn't use the pool the rest of our vacation. 

  • 61.  This is a funny story that my friend told me.  When she was little, she was visiting the zoo with her family.  She was in the section with the lions when the lion in the cage turned and peed on a 16-17 year old girl.  The girl was drenched head to toe with the lion's pee.  It was funny. -Sparky

  • 62.  I live in Australia and this comes from when I was in Year 7. I had a Science project on space and a boy was given the topic of aliens, he was supposed to make a model of a space craft an alien would use but he failed to do so an when it was due he was in deep shit one of the other boys had the topic of Saturn (For those of u that don't know Saturn has rings and if you use your imagination looks vaguely like a UFO) The boy who had the topic of aliens saw this and had an Idea. When the teacher reached him he yelled He stole my model and pointed at the boy with the model of Saturn the teacher laughed at this and forgot to mark him as not doing all of his project and accidentally gave him full marks for the model!!!!   (This is true!)

  • 63.  This is a true story:  My husband's friend, Rick wanted me to order some parts for the classic car that he was restoring.  The catalog clearly stated it's payment options: COD, Master Card, Visa.  So after Rick decided on the parts he needed he asked if they would take his Discover card because he didn't know what the hell the COD Card was.  My husband asked Rick where he was from- West Virginia??????????   This may be one of those jokes where you had to be there but it sure was funny at the time.

  • 64.  I had a vicious bout of hay fever this past summer.  My mother and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some anti-histamine.  While waiting in line, I sneezed.  But it was not just a normal sneeze.  It was a "double-barreled sneeze."  That's when you sneeze and fart at the same time.  Everyone heard... you know how good the acoustics are in large department stores!  And there I was, right in the front of the store, with no place to hide.  I was so embarrassed!

    Reprinted with permission from:  The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com  

  • 65.  I was at Six Flags with my boyfriend last year.  We were waiting in a very long line for the Superman roller coaster.  When we were almost to the front of the line, I realized that I had to poop.  Since I didn't want to lose our place in the line, I decided to wait until after the ride.  We got on the ride and all went well until I had to pass some gas.  Well, it wasn't gas. Yes, you guessed it... I crapped my pants!  To make matters worse, my boyfriend had to ride in the car with me for the way back.  All the way home he kept on saying that he smelt poop.  I lied and said I stepped in dog poop.  Luckily he believed me! I almost died!!! 

    Reprinted with permission from:  The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com   

  • 66.  I work at a local gas station in my town.  I'm usually alone on the job, so whenever customers don't come in I get to do other things like stocking shelves and cleaning.  One night, when it was really slow, I decided to go over to the shelves and fill cups.  While I was standing there, I had to pass gas.  Being all by myself in the empty store, I felt at ease... and it came out kinda loud.  I turned around and stared right at a customer.  She had walked in moments ago.  And she had heard me fart!  My face turned bright red and all I could ask was "Can I help you?"   That was definitely traumatic.

    Reprinted with permission from:  The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com  

  • 67.  I was in 8th grade and our gym class was co-ed.  I was never very popular, being an overweight girl with acne.  (Thank God things change!)  But it was a required class, so there I was.  We were all lined up in rows, laying on the floor doing sit-ups.  Well, as I said, I was overweight and it was not easy doing sit-ups!  I guess I strained a bit and all of a sudden, you guessed it... I farted very loudly.  Noises echo in a big, old gymnasium... even the laughter. 

    Reprinted with permission from:  The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 68.  I used to carry around a container of mace in my pocket book.  Just to be safe, you know?   I never used it, so one day when I was cleaning out my pocket book, I just threw the mace in my underwear drawer.   Later that day I took a shower and grabbed a fresh pair of panties.  Boy, what a shock!  There had to have been a slow leak in the mace container, because I started to burn and swell "down there."   I put ice between my legs so I wouldn't blister, and then I called the hospital.  They told me to call the poison control center.  I had the phone in one hand, and the ice in the other.  It was horrible! Now I know what that nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island must have been like, because I was on fire and my ice was melting fast!  The guys from poison control were on their knees, laughing.  And so was I, despite the pain.  Now I'm known as "Hot Pants - The Hottest Pants in Crestview, Florida."

    Reprinted with permission from:  The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 69.  The most embarrassing moment of my life happened to me when I was in the eighth grade.  I was in science class, listening to my teacher give a pretty boring lecture.  I'm a girl. The guy sitting next to me was making fun of the shirt I was wearing that day.  He just kept on and on, until I finally got up and moved to the front of the class.  I had eaten pizza for lunch, so my stomach had been churning all day.  I knew that I had to pass gas, but I didn't want to add that to the list of reasons why my fellow classmates could make fun of me, so I held it in.  When the class was almost over, I suddenly had to sneeze, and the fart I had been holding in for so long came out at the same time, sounding like a trumpet tuning up.  I sat there with a red face, totally humiliated, while the rest of the class almost died laughing.  To make matters worse, my fart was so stinky, my teacher had to hold her nose to finish her lecture.  For the remainder of the year I was known as the "fart gun." 

    Reprinted with permission from:  The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 70.  My three-year-old son, Matt, had a lot of problems with potty training.  One day we stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch in between errands.  It was very busy, with a full dining room.  While enjoying my taco, I smelled something funny, so of course I checked my seven-month-old daughter, and she was clean.  Then I realized that Matt had not asked to go potty in a while, so I asked him, and he said "No."  I kept thinking, oh Lord, that child has had an accident and I didn't have any clothes with me.  I asked again, "Matt, are you sure you did not have an accident?"  "No," he replied.  I just knew that he must have, cause the smell was getting worse.  So, I asked one more time, "Matt, did you have an accident?" This time, with a little smirk on his face, he jumped up, yanked down his pants, bent over and spread his cheeks and yelled........."See Mom, it's just gas!!"  While 50 people nearly choked to death on their tacos, he calmly pulled up his pants and sat down to eat his food as if nothing happened.  I was mortified, but some kind elderly people made me feel a lot better, when they came over and thanked me for the best laugh they had ever had!

  • 71.  Well when I was 17, I went to this party which turned out pretty good and everyone got drunk as hell.  Well at the end none of could be bothered going home and decided to sleep over the night!  Well I needed to go for a pee and as I was just in my boxers I couldn't be bothered pulling my boxers down so I just opened the button and I forgot about doing it back up so when I got back the group that were talking while trying to fall asleep everyone saw my "one eye trouser snake", I was so embarrassed but all turned out well that night because when the lights turned out Amy Stevenson had jumped in my bed and the rest you can imagine!!  The guys try to hassle me about that, but it just reminds me off her!! :)

  • 72.  One day we were watching a video about how India was taken over by Britain and how the people were forced into labor.  The guy in the video was saying how he got paid 25 rubies per month.  I thought he said he was paid 25 cookies per month.  I started to laugh even during the part where the video said that people died during the labor.  No one could understand what I was laughing at and they kept on giving me strange looks.

  • 73.  We were about to have a biology test and nobody was in the mood to take it.  Some people were saying they were confused, weren't here the day before.  Then out of nowhere one girl says  "Yesterday I got a concussion and lost some of my memory and now I can't remember what we learned!"  She was dead serious.

  • 74.  Imagine the most accident-prone person in your life that you have ever known.  Double it, and you have my grandma.  She had a bag case of diarrhea that just creeps up on you and bites you in the butt.  (literally....haha)  She ran for the bathroom (she was in the Library--of all places), but didn't even make it to the stall.  It ran all down her leg, filled her shoe, and went all over the floor.  She had to throw her "undies" in the trash, and run out the door, before anyone discovered the mess.  Lets just say, it was a little breezy the whole walk home!

  • 75.  One day my sister and I were at Kmart doing some shopping when she needed to use the bathroom.  She went in to use the toilet and like most people she doesn't sit on the seat until she covers it with toilet paper.  I was looking at the clothes when she walked up to me and we continued to browse, while browsing some kind lady walks up to my sister from behind and informs her that she has a very long strand of toilet paper hanging out of her pants.  My sister, totally embarrassed reaches around pulls the toilet paper out of her pants and goes, I was just saving it for later, the lady gives her a funny look and walks away and I'm laughing, really hard and then she smacks me on the arm and goes, you could have told me, no you leave it up to a stranger.  I honestly didn't see the toilet paper, she walked up to me.  I then had to use the bathroom myself from laughing so hard. 

  • 76.  This happened a few years ago at my birthday party.  All my friends were over and we decided to play Hide and Go Seek at night.  We were going in and out of the house a lot.  I exited the house through the patio door which had a glass door and a screen door.  When I left, the glass door was open, and I shut the screen door behind me.  I circled the house, and went back inside through the patio door.  What I didn't know, was that while I was outside, my mother had shut the glass door.  I whipped open the screen and tried to go in, only to be stopped by the glass.  Only my mother saw this, but she had to go and tell everyone about it.  She told them when we were done playing, and by that time I had forgotten about the whole thing.  I walk in to see all my friends laughing their heads off.  I asked them what was so funny, I honestly couldn't remember.  One of my friends walked up to me, smacked me on the forehead, and said, " Does this ring a bell, Punky?"  They still bug me about it four years later. 

  • 77.  I recently accompanied my partner to a walk-in clinic. She had an extremely painful cyst on an extremely "private area."  We were sitting in the waiting area, when we smelled something disgusting!  After looking at each other with slanted faces, we got up to move to the other side of the room. But the smell got worse.  Then her name was called, and we went in to the exam room.  The doctor gave her instructions to remove her clothes.  He left the room to give us some privacy while she got undressed.  That's when we realized that her cist had burst... and the stench was coming from HER!!!  The stuff that oozed out of her cyst stank to high heaven!

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 78.  My most embarrassing moment happened several years ago.  I was in the Navy and was living in a barrack with a bunch of other soldiers.  It was a Sunday and visitors were allowed in the rooms.  I actually had forgotten what day it was and had gone to take a shower naked, caring my towel around my neck.  I took my shower and stepped out of the shower room and... suddenly there were women all over the place! Moms, dads, girlfriends you name it - and they were there.  I thought to myself if I put the towel over my head and ran down the hall to my room no one would be able to recognize me, so I did.  Later I was in the lounge, watching TV, when suddenly this beautiful young lady and her boyfriend, came up to me.  Imagine how I felt when they said "Hi Red, what's up?"

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 79.  We were on holiday with our friends in Canada, at a summer tennis tournament.  My sister, my friend and I were over on the swings.  There was also a trapeze bar. My sister decided to show off, but this turned out to be a bad idea.  As she did a flip over the trapeze (like a summersault) she let out this huge loud fart!  To make it worse, it just kept on going as she went around the trapeze.  She was so embarrassed, but my friend and I were killing ourselves laughing.   Then this little girl who was on the swings next to us said:  "Eeew, that's gross!"  and ran away!  My sister has never been so embarrassed in all her life!

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 80.  The Play:  I had the lead part in my high school play in my Senior year.  The roll called for me to play a young girl who had been kidnapped.  The opening night finally arrived and my parents were ready in the audience with the video camera.  The school gym was jam packed with parents, students and faculty and everyone in the play was really jazzed.  The play was going along fine until the 3rd act.  The script called for me to peak my head behind a couple of paper curtains and make a big show of looking around.  Then I was supposed to declare in a really loud voice that I didn't see anything back there.  My scene came along and I head back to the curtains, pull them apart and stick my head in.  All I saw was a line of naked butts.  Five of the guys in my class had decided that wouldn't it be super funny to moon me during that scene.  I was SO shocked to see that unexpected sight I just stood there.  For a really, really long time.  The audience was really quiet and I could hear the drama coach hissing my line at me.  But I just stood there trying to stop from laughing so hard.  Finally I turned around and said in a REALLY loud voice that there was definitely nothing of interest back there.  I wanted to kill those five guys!  When the play was over, everyone I knew asked me why I had frozen on the stage and no one would believe me when I explained.  I was mortified because everyone still thinks I was making that up. 

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 81.  Wrong Bed:  My moment of shame occurred when my wife and I joined her parents for a weekend at their holiday home on the coast.  It had been a blazing hot day and I had just finished a twelve hour shift.  All I wanted to do, was to enjoy an icy cold beer, then retire to bed for some much needed shut eye.  After a long drive we finally reached our destination.  My in-laws were most glad to see us, and my father in-law in particular seemed to relish the prospect of sinking a few ales with the young man who had won his daughters heart.  Well one thing led to another, my early night soon became a very late one, and a couple quite cold ones became quite a few loud ones.  A few hours later I found myself in a state of complete exhaustion.   The lack of sleep and the copious quantities of alcohol had, by now, taken their toll on me.  I was dead to the world, so I wished everyone a drunken good night and staggered to bed.  I awoke later that night desperate to go to the toilet.  My bladder was so full that my normally flat stomach protruded in a little pot.  I got out of bed, careful not to wake my wife, put on my robe and felt my way through the dark and unfamiliar house like a blind man till I found the toilet.  Arrggh, sweet relief!  I slowly and carefully ran my hands along the walls till I relocated our bedroom.  I dropped my robe, and naked as a babe I sat down on the side of the bed.  I felt the form of my wife, who had obviously rolled over to my side of the bed.  I gave her a gentle nudge and asked her to roll over.  This form was not my wife, and it rapidly became apparent that this was not my room ` WHAT'S GOING ON!` the male voice demanded.  It was my father in law.  In a high pitched and panicked voice I whimpered `Oh no, wrong room`.  I grabbed my robe and bolted with all my might out of the room.  The worst of it was that I could see a light come on behind me.  My bare bum would have been highly visible to both of my wife's parents. I wanted to die.  As I crawled into bed, I told my wife about my little misadventure.  She bust a gut she was laughing so hard.  Then I could hear the laughter from the adjoining bedroom. What a mess. 

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 82.  One day during the dead cold of winter, I stopped by the bank to make a deposit at the drive-through window.  The teller made the deposit and sent the receipt back through the tube.  As I was replacing the holder back in the tube, I was looking at the teller and smiling wide.  Meanwhile, I unknowingly placed my gloved hand on the power window switch.  The window rolled up, catching me just under my top teeth and wedging my head in the window.  The teller was looking at me in a state of total shock, her eyes as wide as mine, as I fumbled to find the "down" switch so as to free my head.  As I pulled out of the drive all I could see was both of the tellers doubled over in laughter.

  • 83.  I am a nurse.  One night everyone on my shift (nights) went out to dinner before work... to a Mexican restaurant.  It was about 2:00 AM when it hit me.  The worst case of flatulence I have ever had in my life!  Not wanting to embarrass myself in front of my colleagues, I proceeded very quickly to the end of the hall to an empty room.  Once in, I closed the door and farted like I never have before or since.  When I opened the door to leave I heard a male voice ask "nurse, you mind opening a window before you leave?"   One of the ER doctors had ducked into the room for a nap!

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 84.  This story happened to a friend of our families and we have laughed about it many, many, times over the years.  Since the person it happened to would literally die if she knew I was doing this, I am changing her name to Sue.  She had never water skied and my dad was trying to teach her how.  I'd guess that there were about 8 attempts where she was dragged in the water, then lost hold of the rope without ever coming up on top of the water.  Finally, when she did get on top of the water she was too scared to stand up.  So, she rode for about 3 or 4 minutes squatting on the skies before she fell back into the water.  She didn't want to try again so she got into the boat.  As soon as she got in the boat she told my dad she needed to go to the bathroom.  Dad told her it was a good ways to get where there was a bathroom and suggested she get back in the water and go.  She blushed and said that she had to poop.  So, dad told her OK and that he would head to the nearest dock.  He then proceeded to pull in the ski rope.  Before he got the rope in, Sue just completely lost all control and pooped all over the boat.  Evidentially, while she was being pulled squatting across the lake, she was getting a very effective enema.  Our family has dubbed her the SUPER POOPER!  Yesterday, I had all of my family over for a cook out and we got to talking about the large number of people my dad has taught to water-ski over the years and all I had to say was, "and then there was Sue!" and we all cracked up.  She would kill us all if she know that we are still laughing after all this time.

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 85.  One time, my friends and I went on a field trip for school.  We were walking around in the parking lot of a Burger King, when all of a sudden, I turned around to see my friend fall backwards.  I saw something fly up.  The teachers rushed to him, and he had to go to the hospital and get stitches. Later, we found out he had slipped on a banana peel that was smothered in tar.  I still chuckle about it.

  • 86.  This is a true story.  I lived in the back of a mobile home park and across the street there was some broken concrete.  One day I found a small chunk of concrete in my yard (I guess one of the kids had brought it over) so I thought I'd just tossed it back across the street.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten why I was always the last one to be picked for a game of baseball when I was a kid - my aim was terrible! I released the concrete too late (I was throwing underhand) and instead of it going out across the street, it went almost straight up into the air and hit a tree limb.  That was embarrassing enough, but have you ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize something bad is about to happen and you can't do anything about it?  Well, as the concrete was on its way back down, after bouncing off the tree limb, I realized where it was headed - right smack into the middle of the driver's side of my car windshield.  The worst part was when I had to explain to my insurance company how the glass got broke.  Needless to say, from then on I carried any concrete chunks I found back across the street.

  • 87.  I don't know what category this belongs in, but it happened to me when I was performing with a circus one season.  I've been in show business for over 40 years, films, TV, stage, radio, records, rodeos, and circuses.  Since I was (many years ago!) a singing cowboy star, I would tour with my white stallion & my fancy cowboy costumes, six guns, and big white Stetson.  I would ride out into the main ring, rear the horse up and wave my hat to the crowd.  Well, on this fateful day, the big top was packed to standing room only, I did my thing, but this time for some unknown reason, I slid off the saddle like it was greased, and fell flat on my butt.  Well, I got up, got back on my horse (he was looking at me like "What the hell is wrong with you?"), looked at the crowd in dead silence, then said,  "You know, folks, someday I'm gonna find an easier way to get off this damned horse!"  The crowd roared and it was the hit of the show.

  • 88.  In my history class, this teacher always played jokes on everyone except me throughout the entire school year.  One day, I finally came up with the idea of putting white, clear, cake gel on his bald head.  When the opportunity came, it was on a day that he was letting two girls from our class teach the class.  The true teacher was acting like a student, spitting gum at the front of the room, turning out the lights, etc.  When I was going to put the gel in his hair, I walked out of my seat while he was sitting down.  Then I went back when he got up out of the seat.  He then got out of the seat, acting like a student, wanting to fight me.  Then, I put the gel in his hair, resulting in the biggest laugh you'll ever hear inside a high-school classroom.  Some of the teachers in the surrounding-walled-rooms complained about the laughing.

  • 89.  During one of my music classes in grade 5, I was sitting on the floor next to the cutest girl when I let out the biggest, loudest, deadliest fart.  It was the most humiliating thing ever.  Everyone laughed at me for like 10 minutes.  People still don't let me forget about it. 

  • 90.  This is true: right know I work on fishing boats and a couple of days ago we landed in port and I was supposed to go to the company house right then to fax in my paperwork.  Instead I hung out for 2 hours and told the office that we had picked up a deckhand off of another boat who had jumped overboard the night before because the skipper and other deckhand were sexually harassing him.  When we got to port the police were waiting for him and there will likely be a huge inquest with me and my boat as witnesses!!!

  • 91.  I am 19 now, but like two years ago when I was 17 I got my tongue pierced.  One night me and my boyfriend of two months (he also had his tongue pierced) started making out in the back seat of one of our friend's car.  We started kissing and feeling each other up, when all of a sudden I went to pull away and our tongues were stuck! Somehow our tongue rings had twisted around each other and we couldn't get them unstuck.  We tried everything to get untangled, but nothing worked.  We had to get our friends to drive us to the ER so that the doctors could fix the problem. We are still together and we laugh about it every time that we start to make out.  It is funny now, but then, it was a nightmare!

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com 

  • 92.  On a last minute decision to go camping, my now husband and I threw a bunch of stuff in the back of my truck that had a cab on it.  Arriving after dark and tired, we decided to skip the tent and took some black plastic garbage bags and stuck them to the windows for privacy figuring the static would hold them up and promptly fell asleep.  Around 5:30 AM the next morning we began to make love.  After a few minutes we heard outside one of the smaller windows facing a stream,  "Go get Mom and a bucket of water!  These people are stuck like the dog!"  from a rather young voice.  The plastic had dropped from one of the windows!  Even after an hour I was still so embarrassed I wouldn't come out of the truck but my wonderful & witty husband got out in his hiking shorts, stretched & scratched his ribs then said rather loud,  "Nature! Brings out the beast in me every time!".  I poked my head out to see parents with lots of smiles & smirks - then someone yelled,  "Why do you think we kicked the kids out so early?".  Everyone but the kids in the campsite were laughing pretty hard.

  • 93.  Here is the funny thing my friend said when we were driving to one of the games.  It was dark and he thought he spotted someone cute in the other car, when we pulled up he said...  "Wait, You're not hot.  You're a guy!"

  • 94.  I was having a party & All of my friends & I were hanging out in the kitchen.  I was sitting on the counter & kicking the cabinets below me.  The cabinets had little knobs on them ( you know, to open them with) & when I tried to jump off of the counter, my pants got stuck on the knobs.  I fell & hit my head on the table that was right in front of me and then ended up on my face on the linoleum floor.  Yes it hurt.  But not only did I hurt myself but I also ripped the cabinet door in half.

  • 95.  My Brother-in-law wanted to add access to his attic from his garage.  After much consideration, he started cutting a hole into the ceiling and was rather surprised when he found a floor on the other side that was actually carpeted (cool! he thought).  The kicker?.  His wife coming out to tell him his little three year old daughter had come running downstairs screaming there was a monster coming through the floor out from under her bed!  He had cut a hole through the second floor and into her room!!!

  • 96.  My ex-husband and I were going down HWY 41 in Florida, when all of a sudden my husband fell out of the car!  The worst part was he was driving!  It was a hot summer day so he had his window rolled down, elbow resting on the edge.  The car began to swerve, I looked over to see him hanging onto the door, because he was a tall gent, his feet were still inside the car.  So there he is flapping in the breeze.  I asked, "What are you doing?"  He said:  "I fell out" meantime I'm steering the car.  "Well, get back in."  I yelled.  He replied:  "I can't!" Down HWY 41 we kept going.  So I steered the car until we reached the next intersection, hung a right hand turn, pulled us safely into a parking lot.  The look on peoples faces as we drove past with this guy hanging out the drivers side.  I wasn't sure what kind of look to return back at them.  After the car came to a complete stop, my ex climbed back in, he said he could feel the road passing right under his butt!  We just looked at each other and laughed so hard our sides hurt.  Well, even after 15 years I still bust out laughing every time I think about it.

    Reprinted with permission from: The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life http://www.mostembarrassingmoment.com  

  • 97.  A funny story, I'm a career firefighter and on this day was driving the pumper.  As soon as we responded for a house on fire, my Sgt. asked me to drive smooth because he had to poop.  I did my best but forgot about a huge bump in the middle of the intersection that I hit about 40 mph.  Of course the Sgt. messed his pants.  We quickly stopped at the McDonalds, he ran into the bathroom and threw his underwear away and came back to the fire truck. We continued responding to the house on fire which was the real thing. 

  • 98.  I was about eleven yrs old back in '56.  Our house had only wood stoves.  I was getting a bunch of small, finely split wood for starting a fire when the Pastor drove up.  I said hi and he went in the house to talk with my mother and dad.  A few minutes later, I came in with a load of wood.  'Here are your star farters Mom'.  For a few seconds the silence was noticeable, then Mom asked,  "What did you say?"  And I started to repeat it.  I said "here are your star...far...oops here are your fire starters Mom."  This really happened!!  I didn't get in any real trouble, and we all had a good laugh. 

  • 99.  I was carrying a full load at college and driving part time for the delivery company that delivers the morning Newspaper.  Being one of the later routes and being part way thru the route, it is not uncommon for the 'early birds', the early kids to be on this one station.  In fact, the last couple days someone had been there.  One Saturday morning, I was especially tired and came driving into the station and didn't notice that there was a body there.  The routes were almost all boy carriers.  The truck was a stake bed truck and I unlatched the side gate, stepped up on the bottom of the tire with my right foot and started to step on the top when this very sweet, sexy voice says "are you going to be here tomorrow?".  I missed the tire and almost killed myself.  She was gorgeous, a beautiful college age young lady. What a wake up!!!

  • 100.  This happened a while back when we still had a roommate.  We were all getting ready to watch a movie and our roommate had just finished heating up her dinner in a pot on the stove.  We all sat down to watch the movie and half way through the previews we smelled something strange.  Everyone must have noticed it at the same time because we all looked at our roommate as she was picking up the still very hot pot to eat and we all looked in horror at the circle of melting carpet!  She had put the hot pot down and neglected to put some kind of potholder down to protect the floor from the heat of the pot!  Now we have this huge circle where the heat affected the carpet.  We have to cover it up now with ANOTHER carpet and this will be funny explaining to our landlady when we move out!


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