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Wedding Excuses

Well it's looks like it is time for a page dedicated to excuses that deal with weddings.  I guess this could include not attending a wedding, I do get email now and then with people requesting an excuse for not going to a wedding, or this page could also be for an excuse for not wanting to get married and turning down a proposal.  So let get busy and turn in some wedding related excuses! 


  • 1.  "I can't make it to the wedding because I am too busy surfing datingsites looking for someone better to get married with."

  • 2. A girl I had been friends with in the past but had recently "found Jesus" and proceeded to annoy the hell out of me with it, had planned her wedding for September 21st.  Not particularly wanting to be surrounded by her fundamentalist relatives all day, I told her that I couldn't make it because my coven was meeting to celebrate Mabon (a festival celebrating the Autumn Harvest, occurring around the time of the Equinox), and I would most likely be gone all day.

  • 3.  We can't get married yet I am still sleeping with your mother/sister and brother.

  • 4.  My cat ate the wedding ring.

  • 5.  (Excuse for not going to a wedding.)  Seeing you two together makes me sick.

  • 6.  "My sister just discovered she is pregnant and due right around the day of our wedding and the doctors say she cannot travel or fly within a month before or after her due date.  I will NOT have a wedding without my sister there."

  • 7.  I can't come to your wedding because there's a full moon that day.

  • 8.  We can't get married because I gained weight and the dress no longer fits.... sorry!

  • 9.  I'm sorry but I can't marry you because someone trapped me in the bathroom from the outside and taking the key.

  • 10.  Someone stole my tuxedo.

  • 11.  My ex girlfriend turned her life around becoming a Christian and wanting me in her life and can't marry someone who doesn't believe in God and refusing to go to Church.

  • 12.  I can't marry you because you yell at me all the time.

  • 13.  Once a friend told his future wife I can't marry you because you shaved all your hair off before our wedding day.

  • 14.  I can't marry you because you're always late.

  • 15.  My future Wife said she can't marry me because I'm so sexist.

  • 16.  My parents just got divorced.

  • 17.  My best friend passed away last night.

  • 18.  I can't marry you because the guy/woman I was married to before refuses to sign the divorce papers.

  • 19.  Excuse for not marrying a Mammas Boy.  I Can't marry you because your already married to your mother.  I actually said this to a former boyfriends proposal.

  • 20.  I can't marry you because you're an overqualified husband.

  • 21. I can't marry you, you deserve better than me.

  • 22. I can't marry you because I am a guy also.

  • 23. I can't marry you because I'm pregnant from the last marrage that I was in and the baby's due around our wedding day!

  • 24. I can't marry you because I have diagnosed mental issues.

  • 25. “I can’t propose marriage to her until we buy a new car, buy a house and take advantage of Obama’s $8,000 first home purchase credit.”

  • 26. I can't marry her as I am still exploring my sexuality.




Well friends I don't have any excuses posted yet for this pageIf you have any wedding related excuses, please go to the Submit Excuses page and send your excuses in!

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