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These sites support mine, please pay them a visit!


title: Funny Picture
url:   http://www.sorude.com

description: So Rude is a social entertainment website to share and submit funny pictures, rude videos, jokes and funny news.


title: A Good Excuse Blog‏
url:   http://www.AGoodExcuse.Org

description: "A Good Excuse Blog feel free to excuse yourself at any time" another great source for excuses.


title: Need a Doctor Excuse? Check out Bestfakedoctornotes.com
url:   http://www.bestfakedoctornotes.com/

description: Are you suffocated by work? Do you need a break? Take a breather - You deserve one!


title: Hans Memling
url:   http://www.hansmemling.org/

description: The complete works of Hans Memling an Early Netherlandish painter, born in Seligenstadt, Germany, who was the last major fifteenth century artist in the Low Countries.


title: Diesel Generator
url: http://www.hardydiesel.com

description: Hardy Diesel has been selling Diesel generators wholesale direct since 1977 specializing in high quality commercial grade Diesel generators single and three phase.


title: Skystream Wind Turbine
url:   http://www.hardysolar.com/skystream/

description: Hardy solar pioneer in alternative energy since 1977 is now specializing in the sky stream product line.


title: Thomas Worthington Whittredge
url:   http://www.thomasworthingtonwhittredge.org/

description: Thomas Worthington Whittredge traveled widely and excelled at landscape painting, many examples of which are now in major museums.


title:  Door Hinges Cabinet Hinges
url:    http://www.bicwarehouse.com/builders-hardware--hinges--knobs-hinges.html

description: See our huge selection in hardware tools & general supplies, with hundreds of brand names including all major brands, Over 85,000 Items Available.


title:  Canvas Paintings
url:    http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/

description:  on Canvas. Buy Art Reproductions from 1st-Art-Gallery.com, the largest gallery in the world. 100% handmade with free worldwide shipping. Choose from more than 40,000 paintings and 5000 artists. Money-back guarantee on all orders.


title:  Vincent Van Gogh
url:    http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Vincent-Van-Gogh/Vincent-Van-Gogh-oil-paintings.html

description: Paintings by the Vincent Van Gogh biography, images, handmade reproductions, and more.


title:  Dirty Jokes
url:    http://www.prettyjokes.com

description: Pretty Jokes Collection at www.prettyjokes.com


title:  Clean Jokes
url:    http://www.viewjokes.com

description:  We ‘ve got the jokes you’ve been looking for...


title: Joke of the Day
url:   http://www.jokesdot.com

description: The right place to have fun with hilarious jokes from different categories, blonde jokes, adult jokes, kids jokes, lawyer jokes n more.... only at jokesdot.com


title:  Free Doctors Excuses
url:    http://www.freedoctorsexcuses.com

description:  Discussion about the legality and morality of doctors excuses, and links to various sites providing them, both free and paid.


url: http://www.cardsdirect.com/custom-photo-greeting-cards.aspx

title: Photo Cards by CardsDirect

description: Create your photo card at CardsDirect. Easily upload your photo into one of our modern looking templates for a Christmas card you won't forget!"


title: YouCube
url:   http://www.youcube.us/

description: What's in your cubicle. Cubicle culture explored.


title:  Work Ho!
url:    http://workho.tk

description: Entertaining site.


title:  Say It From France

description: Sending Insults to the World from France since 1921 - Now you can send one too! (even real postcards!)


title:  Golden Petals
url:    http://www.goldenpetals.com/

description: Send sankrantri gifts to andhra pradesh, Hyderabad... same day delivery all over India.


title:  Affordable Restaurant Website Design
url:    http://www.affordablerestaurantwebsites.com

description: Provides Affordable Restaurant Web Design for Restaurants across the country.


title:  Buzzwords for Nerds
url:    http://www.buzzwordsfornerds.com

description: The Monsters Compendium of Office


title:  JokeFrog
url:    http://www.jokefrog.com/

description: Humor... funny pictures, funny movies, funny jokes.


title:  Students in the Spin Cycle
url:    http://www.workingpsychology.com/teach/student_spin.html

description:  A Collection of Student Spin: Excuses, Justifications, Accusations & Attributions
Employed in the Service of Getting the Grade


title:  I am bored - Bored
url:    http://www.bored1.com

description:  We have the best sites on the net to cure your boredom.
You will never be bored on the internet again!


title:  Tuclowns
url:    http://www.geocities.com/tuclowns

description: Humor index site sorted by: Jokes, Pictures, Videos, Animation and Games.


title:  Search Humor
url:    http://www.searchhumor.com

description:  A comprehensive humor portal web directory.


title:  My Favorite Ezines.
url:    http://www.myfavoriteezines.com 


title:  What's my excuse? 
url:    http://www.whatsmyexcuse.co.uk/ 


title:  Funny Spot
url:    http://www.funny-spot.com

description: Funny pictures, fun pages, jokes & cartoons.


title:  Funny Doodle

description:  This site is too funny, viewer discretion is advised!


title:  Crazy Doodle
:    http://www.crazydoodle.com/

description:  We're so crazy... it hurts!


title:  Custom Publishing and Design
url:    http://www.custompublishdesign.com/  

description:  Helping you design and create your own publication.


title:  SillyBubbies
url:    http://www.sillybuddies.com  

description:  If your not having fun, then what are you having?


title:  Funny-Stuff-Central

description:  The funniest jokes, stories, one liners, reports, headlines,
excuses, signs, magazines, songs, games, greetings cards, cartoons,
pictures and links to other funny sites.


title:  Office Playground

description:  Desk, Office, Executive & Stress Toys for your desk or tradeshow.


title:  I Should Be Working

description:   cyberslacking fun including links to online games, jokes, bizarre stuff.


title:  Mike's List
url:    http://www.mikeslist.com/default.htm 

description:  Mike's List is a free, almost-weekly e-mail newsletter.


title:  The Weird Site
url:    http://www.theweirdsite.com 

description:  A classy selection of weird, strange and bizarre web sites and news. 


title:  Mother-In-Law Stories
url:    http://www.motherinlawstories.com/

description:  Mother-In-Law Stories and Mother-In-Law Jokes


title:  A PsychSupportNetwork
url:    http://buntah1.tripod.com


title:  Computer Tutor
url:    http://www.personal-computer-tutor.com/


title:  Caricature Zone
url:    http://www.magixl.com/ 

description: Play funny free games and quizz with famous star.


title:  The Funny Pages
url:    http://funnies.paco.to/ 

description: A collection of email, news postings and other random text.


title:  Electric Moon Links
url:    http://www.electricmoon.net/links/ 

description:  A user rated directory and search engine.


title:  CurlyDavid's
url:    http://www.curlydavid.com/

description:  Happy Hour 


title:  Twoey's:
url:    http://www.twoey.com/ 

description:  Mighty Fine Place on the Web!


title:  Belgian & Dutch artists
url:    http://www.waltertje.com

description:  A collection of  lyrics by Belgian & Dutch artists.


title:  Get Odd
url:    http://www.getodd.com/

description:  Bogus parody news with funny satirical humor thrown in for fun!


title:  The Humor Source
url:    http://www.thehumorsource.com/ 

description:  Funny Pictures, Jokes, Cartoons, Files, Web Sites and More!


title:  ASPI Tactical
url:    http://www.aspitactical.com  

description: Manufacturers and distributors of shooting accessories for law enforcement, military and the prepared civilian.


title:  Humorsphere

descriptionFunny Pictures, Jokes, Fun Pages.


title:  Your kind of Music  
url:    http://sabinm.tripod.com/  

descriptionYour kind of Music - latest reviews, biographies, downloads, photos etc. related to music.


title:  Huumor.com
url:    http://www.huumor.com/ 

description:  Random Jokes Funny Pictures.


title:  123Greetings.com
url:    http://www.123greetings.com  

descriptionGreeting Cards from 123Greetings.com - Send e-cards to your friends & loved ones. All cards are absolutely FREE !!!


title:  Ronz Pranks

description:   Low brow humor for the masses. 


title:  Jury Duty

description: A comprehensive source of information to help prospective jurors.


title:  The Family School House

description: Provides free K-6 online activities for Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies.


title: Frape.Net
url:   http://www.frapes.net/

"Frape.net, enjoy a cup of cold frappe coffee, with internet's most sexy and funny links."


title:  Valiant Rottweilers

url:    http://www.freewebs.com/valiant-rottweilers

description: Breeder of Excellent Quality Rottweilers. COE breeder Participating in CKC and AKC events.



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