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Jury Duty Excuses 101 and up.
  • 101.   Unlike a lot of people, I don't mind serving as a juror.  I do consider it my civic duty, and I find it a little disconcerting when most of my friends and neighbors immediately react to a summons by thinking of ways to get excused.  (I also find their excuses - plus those on this page - to be pretty funny, though.)  However, being married to a defense attorney means that I'm automatically disqualified from jury duty for criminal trials - I guess they think I know too much about the legal system.  And then there's the little problem with the death penalty... I believe it's wrong, and I could never consider it as punishment for another human being.  So no murder trials for me unless I move elsewhere.

  • 102.  This is honest:  My eighteen year old son is a pianist who needs to practice many hours EVERY day.  He got a jury summons, and we foolishly sent it back with this very honest excuse.  He is also obsessive in his thinking about music and would not be able to concentrate on any jury discussions.

  • 103.  I'm twenty-four and look like I'm sixteen.  That alone usually scares off both the defense and the prosecution.  After that, the fact that I hold degrees in music performance and education usually leads the prosecution to the conclusion that I'm far to liberal to convict anyone of anything -- or perhaps they're just scared that I might be educated.  I show up when summoned but I've never had to sit on a jury.

  • 104.  I brought my baby .. everything went smoothly until he started crying; then I positioned to nurse him and a guard said something offensive.  I immediately informed him and the judge that the court was in violation of the state statutes on breastfeeding mothers' rights, and the next courtroom I saw them in they would be co-defendants.  I was excused.

  • 105.  The Judge asked the Jury pool if anyone had an objection, or a problem with... the defense of "by reason of insanity".  I raised my hand, I was the only one who did.  The Judge asked the Jury pool if anyone had previous training/education/experience in the field of Psychology.  I raised my hand, I was the only one who did.  The Judge emptied the courtroom, except for me and the defendant and the lawyers, and then instructed me to come forward and explain myself.  I said... Your Honor, every day every single one of us wakes up with a newfound obligation to honor our more noble instincts, and to try and to deny our more basic instincts.  To tell you the truth, there isn't a day that goes by when I don't run into some asshole who needs a good ass kicking or some evil psychopath who needs to be exterminated.  The only thing that keeps me from beating or killing someone every day is my own desire to be civilized and control my basic instincts.  If a defendant loses this struggle, with himself, that makes him an animal... but it doesn't qualify him as being insane.  Your Honor, there are a few people who are actually too crazy to be dealt with by anyone other than a medical doctor, but most of the criminal defendants who use this defense are, in my opinion, just animals... who have a slick lawyer.  And if I might add... "insanity" in my opinion is a very arguable term, which should only be discussed by philosophers.  In my opinion, all of us are crazy... me and you included. I t is only the grace of God and our inherent desire to rise above the level of the animals around us, that defines us as Human Beings... and separates us from the animals.  In other words, I do not believe in this form of defense.  I was excused.

  • 106.  Okay guys - has anyone either heard of or been themselves punished for ignoring jury duty notices?   Especially in NYC?  If we can hear from some who have had penalties and how they dealt with them, we will have a better picture of how often the gov't follows up.  Thanks.

  • 107.  Once my grandmother was summoned for jury duty, but she used this excuse to quickly get out of it.  When she was being questioned as to whether she could convict anyone to a death sentence, she jumped out of her chair and shouted "HELL YES!!  KILL THAT S.O.B.!!"  After hearing that, she was quickly dismissed.  I have yet to be called for jury duty, but if and when I do, I plan to tell them (in a very emotional manner) that I am deathly afraid that if I convict someone, they will hunt me down and kill me once they are released or if they escape from jail.  I wonder if that would work? If they object to my plea I suppose I could always start sobbing hysterically.

  • 108.  I am a stay-at-home mother.  My jury duty was excused when I wrote in that I was
    still nursing, however just 4 months later I received another summons. This time my only excuse was that I have no alternate childcare and my ADHD child requires conveyance to and from school and frequent doctor and counseling appointments.  This only persuaded them to reduce my "service" from two weeks to one and my group number went from 3 to 63.  If I have to show up my toddler will be coming with me.  Beyond that my excuse will be, "If I was meant by God to judge I would be presiding over my own courtroom."

  • 109.  While I hate having to report for jury duty I have a gift that has prevented me from ever serving. Inappropriate laughter.  Can't help it... I have little self-control and a awesomely obnoxious laugh.  Either I let loose with the real deal or I have to plug my nose to suppress it.  Either way... I'm gone... guaranteed!

  • 110.  When asked if I knew anyone associated with the case. Yes sir.. I know the defendant from high school and we WEREN'T friends... so as far as I'm  concerned... ITS HIS FAULT.  I was quickly excused... the next time I was summoned was for a woman suing 7-11 for tripping in the parking lot.. when asked our thoughts on the suit I ranted... "DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT ALL I HAVE TO DO TO GET RICH IS TRIP IN A PARKING LOT AND I CAN SUE FOR MILLIONS????".. again I was quickly excused!

  • 111.  I've had jury duty 3 times, the second time for two and a half weeks, and the case was settled out of court 5 minutes after we went into deliberation. A 19 year old kid that works part time at our company as a driver got a jury summons.  He got out without even showing up.  His aunt worked at the court clerks office, and she got him removed. Yeah, life is fair.

  • 112.  I was called in for Jury duty, when I was asked in questioning how I felt about capital punishment, I told the judge and lawyers present that I felt that it was not my right to judge the innocence or guilt of any other human, that we had a higher power for that, if they were guilty god would punish them.  If I were presented with the dilemma of making a choice it could take me days to come up with an answer and then I wouldn't feel right about it.  If I have mental anguish from making such a decision would the court cover my therapy?  I had not been to church in years, but they didn't know that.  This worked. I was dismissed on the spot.

  • 113.  I was called for jury duty and as my employer will pay my salary for several days, I wasn't going to get out that way.  I've got a sister in law that has spent more than 2/3rds of her adult life in jail and rehab clinics, squeezed out 11 children of drug dealers (two sets of twins) that we all get to pay for with our tax dollars.  A very good friend of mine lost his first wife and son to a driver under the influence of alcohol and morphine.  My mother's first husband is a violent alcoholic and drug user.  When asked if there was any reason any juror might be biased in a Heroin possession case I raised my hand and shared the above.  I ended up as the Jury Foreperson - GUILTY!  I'm in California and there is an article on Yahoo News today talking about the way judges are cracking down
    on juror scofflaws.  Heavy fines and even jail time.

  • 114.  The trick for me for getting out of jury duty was to call the phone number that they provide you at the bottom of the summons, when you know for a fact that it isn't during their business hours, and no one will answer it.. they have an automated system and you just leave your name, date of jury duty and and a brief excuse.  They have NEVER called me back, and it has worked several times!

  • 115.  I was called up jury duty. during the questioning as a prospective juror, the defense attorney asked me if I would be able to arrive at a fair decision on the burglary case.  I said I could and furthermore I wanted to do my civic duty and help get these criminals off the streets.  After the attorney and the judge got through screaming at me I was dismissed.  As an aside:  The next morning when I reported to the jury pool, we were informed that selection had ceased for that case because during the night, the suspect confessed and pleaded guilty.  I smiled at the judge, but he didn't seem to want to return the smile.

  • 116.  I have no faith in the justice system.  Look at cases of innocent people spending time in prison and then being released.  Look at cases where police officers have lied or falsified evidence.  Look at cases of prosecutorial misconduct.  I could never vote to find someone guilty.  I simply could not be sure that someone is guilty.  I would never find anyone guilty.

  • 117.  I have postponed my duty three times for Los Angeles Superior Court.  I called the jury telephone center and told them that I have my own business with 3 employees.  I provide the only supervision of these employees.  If I have to show up for jury duty I will have to close my business for that time and I will have to lay off these employees, which means they will have to forego their income while I serve.  It is also probable that they will go to work for another employer, thereby jeopardizing my business.  The agent told me the court didn't care about my employees that they were only interested in me serving.  When I asked about the security of my business the agent stated that the court was only interested in me as a juror and didn't care about my business.  I am at wits end.  I have heard that people are tossing their summons, but I don't want to be in contempt of court... is that possible?

  • 118.  I used this to get out of jury duty once, I told the judge I have ADHD (true) and that with my short attention span and impulsive behavior I could not give a true verdict because I would not pay attention during the trial and I would come to a judgment without thinking about the case.  The fact that I couldn't stand still while talking to him seemed to help.

  • 119.  Many courts will excuse you from jury duty (aka jury service) if: - You are a breastfeeding mother. - You are taking care of your small children full-time. - You are taking care of your elderly or disabled relative full-time.  For more information, go to the Family Friendly Jury Duty website at this URL: http://www.familyfriendlyjuryduty.org

  • 120.  My sister-in-law told the attorney that she wouldn't be able to decide fairly because her husband and her brother are both ex-cons and she feels they were unjustly convicted.  She has absolutely no faith in the judicial system and that she's afraid her decision will reflect that.  She's never been called again.

  • 121.  My uncle, who enjoys attention, while waiting his turn for jury selection, decided he would smile and laugh at the walls, the lights, the air, and carry on quiet conversations with "unseen beings."  Even while he was being questioned, he would answer the attorney, but then repeat the question to the air.  He never did get selected for jury duty.  I'd crack up trying to pull it off though.  I suppose that would probably make it even more believable.

  • 122.  Just wanted to thank you so much for helping me escape from jury duty.  I had just served 3 years ago, and this was going to be a 6 week trial.  Anyway, I read the persons input about the Jury Nullification, and how the lawyers, and judges don't like that we know about it. I  read the web sight that was given so I was pretty clear on what it was.  I was picked for the first group to be questioned, and to make a long story short, he asked a question, like you are here to listen to the facts, I'm here to give you the law, something close to that, does anyone have any problems with that... I raised my hand, and mentioned jury nullification... he said he didn't want to debate it with me, and asked me if I could disregard that information.  I said no, which was the truth, and the next thing I knew I was being excused.  Thanks again.

  • 123.  My brother was called to jury duty 7 times, and every time he claims to be a narcoleptic!!!! (Excuse accepted)

  • 124.  I live in Ontario and they send out questionnaires to people to see if you qualify for jury duty.  They get the names from the voting lists.  I ripped it up and threw it into the garbage.  I have no vehicle and I live in a small town and they expect me to go to the courthouse in the next major town at my expense.  If you want me to serve on a jury, you show me the money.

  • 125.  A home school mom in my area got a jury duty notice and was denied a request for excuse.  She got them to reconsider and excuse her without ever having to show up, and I wanted to share her story in case any one else is in this boat.  She wrote a letter directly to the Jury Commissioner for our county explaining that she is the sole instructor for her children in a private school.  I suggested she explain that she could not just hire a babysitter because, according to Ed Code 44237, any replacement she hired for herself while she was on jury duty would need to be qualified to teach and have a criminal background check.  She would need time to interview potential instructors and run a background check.  Qualified instructors are difficult to find and costly and background checks are very backlogged right now, and could take up to a year.  I suggested she state in the letter that she understood it was her duty to serve, and that she would be willing to do so at a future time, but that her current situation makes service an undue burden.  The letter she wrote was polite and factual, and it worked.  I'm sure every county is different, but we live in one of the worst, LA, so if they let her off the hook, this might be a good avenue to try elsewhere.

  • 126.  I just got a summons for jury duty in the mail.  First I got a questionnaire to fill out.  I put on it I was a convicted felon.  When I just got my summons in the mail I put it in a envelope stating I'm a convicted felon and under state and federal law a convicted felon cant serve on a jury.  I then said here is the case number out of your court house.  I just mailed it.  I'm not sure what is going to happen.

  • 127.  I've received several summonses in San Diego County, and each time I've pled Financial Hardship on the form and mailed it back.  The one time I actually did show up, I was immediately excused by the clerk when she was told that I wasn't being paid by my employer for serving.

  • 128.  In Texas, when you get a jury summons, you had better show up or they will send out a posse to get your behind.  My defense against jury duty is this:  You start out with 36 prospective jurors that have been selected to go to the particular court room.  Once there... each attorney gets to remove 6 people for any reason they want; they don't like your hair, clothes... whatever.  Then they proceed to tell you what the case is about.  Then they proceed to question the jurors.  A point is reached where one of the attorneys asks if anyone has a problem with the jury selection process (that's my que!)  I raise my hand, he sees my number taped to my chest, looks up my name on the list and proceeds to ask me why I have a problem with the process.  I tell him that first off, he gets the chance to remove 6 people as does the opposing attorney.  Then with remaining 24, he goes thru their background cards and decides that he doesn't want these 6 people and then the opposing attorney does also.  Each attorney is removing people from the group they feel would be a threat to them winning the case.  (Sounds like Jury Stacking
    o me).  So now you are left with the remaining 12.  Unbiased?  Un opinionated?  Nope... don't think so.  Then the icing on the cake.  The jury summons is a legal document... a court order for you to come to jury duty...F ORCING YOU TO SHOW!!  If you don't, they will come after your behind and lock you up.  Now what's wrong with this picture?  They have to FORCE you by law to show up.  Sounds to me like the government of the people, by the people and for the people, doesn't have much faith in their judicial system's trial by jury, or they would be volunteering for jury duty.  They wouldn't have to be threatened to show up or go to jail.  So much for the jury being a jury of your peers. (Judge slams the gavel down... DISMISSED!)

  • 129.  Federal Jury Duty Excuse Hey, this worked for me today during Federal Grand Jury selection.  I simply told the judge that I am against the U.S. policy on drugs.  I stated that the government is fighting an endless battle and that our courts are tied up with cases and our jails are overcrowded with drug offenders while serious felons are walking the streets!  She dismissed me.  P.S.  Just for the record, I did not make this statement up just to get out of jury duty... I truly believe in what I said.

  • 130.  Well today was the first day I've ever had to go to jury duty.  It was a domestic violence case and I immediately began freaking out and having an anxiety attack.  I simply went up to the judge and informed him of my nervous condition.  It was pretty obvious that I was incapable of serving so he dismissed me.  It was extremely embarrassing but if you are legitimately sick like that you should tell the judge rather than suffer through the proceedings.

  • 131.  I recently witnessed a jury selection for a DUI case, and here were some of the excuses that worked.  Most of these came up as a result of questions asked by the attorneys.

    1) "My wife just called. She's in the hospital." (The judge postponed his jury duty for 6 months.)

    2) "My daughter was killed by a drunk driver and I've never gotten over it." Another similar excuse was, "My uncle was killed by a drunk driver.  I'm still too bitter to be unbiased."

    3) "I work in computers and sometimes deal with law enforcement databases." (This woman also had a law degree.)

    4) "My brother, who lives next door, is a cop." (Because they often "talked shop," this juror was excused.)

    5) "My abusive ex-husband was a drug user, and I can't help but negatively view anyone who uses drugs or alcohol."

    6) "I'm a retired cop and my son's a cop. I'd tend to side with a cop's testimony over the defendant's."

  • 132.  I was asked to serve on Jury Duty about six years ago.  I was actually looking forward to it.  Just thought it would be interesting, plus my employer paid me full-time for two weeks of jury duty.  I got selected for a jury, but when the Judge was questioning us, one of his questions was "had I ever been involved in a crime-related incident"?  Well I had been held up at gun point in Florida about five years prior.  The person that held me up was an African American.  The person I was determined to find guilty or not guilty was also an African American being accused of domestic assault and making terrorist threats.  When his Public Defender questioned me, he stated that I "had been the victim of a violent crime"!  They let me go immediately.  I really wanted to go through the whole process, but the Pubic Defender must have thought I would have been biased.  No one ever checked out whether or not I had been a victim of this crime. I really had been, but I wonder if this wouldn't work for anyone.

  • 133.  Unlike most, I would like to serve on a long OJ-type trial because all of my jury duty days are paid as though I were at my desk.  Unfortunately, my beliefs usually get in the way.  Two years ago, I was #15 in a jury pool of 190 people where the defendant (who looked to be about 60 years old) was charged with 'sexual assault with a person under the age of 14'.  My mouth first got me when we were asked in voire dire if we had a problem with the range of possible sentences (anywhere from probation to life) if found guilty. I  raised my hand and told them I thought it should be a death penalty case (true) because I believe that any sex crime against a child has destroyed that child's life and death should be an option.  I
    was asked if I could keep an open mind.  I said yes since I was still hoping to make the jury and being #15, I had a good shot.  Later, the defense attorney started with some really slimy conjecture about "what if this case was about a 14 year old girl and a 16 year old boy having consensual sex?  Would that then change your view on the possibility of probation?"  (Under Texas law a 16 year old boy could be guilty of statutory rape in this case.)  This is the question that really did me in because my answer really put the attorney on the ropes and he had a hard time recovering and gaining control of his part of voire dire.  My answer:  "If we were talking about a 16 year old boy, we wouldn't be sitting in an adult criminal courtroom.  This would be handled in private by the juvenile court."  Every attorney in the room was craning their neck to see what my juror # was and started writing furiously.  After that, 4 other people who had already answered raised their hands and asked to change their answer.  A few minutes later, the bailiff announced "jurors # 80 thru 190 and juror #15, you are dismissed."  Everyone around me was laughing. I t was one of my proudest moments.  So, the moral of the story is: if it really isn't a burden on you, you can really have fun with it.  It's almost like a game for me.

  • 134.  I get Juror summons every couple of months, but my last name is misspelled by one letter.  I just throw them away.  First since its not certified mail, how can they prove I got it.  Second, if somehow they can, I'll say the name on the envelope was not my name.

  • 135.  I’ve just received my Juror Survey from Washtenaw County, Michigan, and, this time, I’ll be smart enough to trash the piece of crap and see what the morons decide to do next, if anything.  21 years ago, I was stupid enough to fill out the form from Detroit and was promptly summoned for Grand Jury Duty in same.  Half of Michigan must go to Detroit to serve the GJD where you’re enslaved every other week for a minimum of 6 months and up to 18 months.  You’re expected to stay in a motel in the bowels of Detroit during that time, and to keep your vehicle in a parking structure!  I got out of it by truthfully explaining in a tight-fisted, teeth-gritted, just-this-side-of contempt demeanor that I'm a very rural person and I DESPISE all cities, of which I consider Detroit one of the most disgusting, and that I never have, do not now, and never will drive my vehicle into ANY city.  I also dressed cleanly, but in my BARN clothes.  The judge seemed visibly shocked that this tiny 30 year old woman was so full of genuine fury and excused me from GJD, informing me, however, that I’d have to serve Federal Jury Duty in Ann Arbor.  I  had no intention of doing that either, but of course, said nothing, and proudly stomped out.  I then got out of FJD a few weeks later by answering their summons with a letter outlining MY terms.  I stated that NO ONE tells me to wear a skirt (they dictated a dress code in those days, believe it or not), that I will NOT arrive at 8:00am because I have several hours of livestock chores every morning, and that I will NOT drive my own vehicle anywhere near their overpopulated city.  I then informed them that my only method of transportation would be by taxi (a 40 minute drive each way), for which THEY would either pay directly or reimburse me EACH DAY and that I would require their signature on a written agreement to these terms before I would consider serving as a juror.  They made me sweat it out until the eleventh hour (almost literally, it was 9pm) the night before I was to show up, having told me there’d be a bench warrant out for my arrest if I failed to obey their summons, to finally tell me I was excused.  What thoroughly disgusted me about the Grand Jury courtroom was the huge “In God We Trust” plaque embedded in the wall behind the judge’s head.   I was fully prepared then, and if I have to show up in Ann Arbor now, I’m even more prepared to discuss the unconstitutionality of THAT blatant defiance of separation of church and state, especially if there’s any kind of swearing-in that uses the words, “so help me god”.

  • 136. The plaintiff was suing the Milwaukee Drill Co. after supposedly being injured while using their product. When called, I asked for a sidebar with the judge and attorneys.

    I explained that I sold industrial equipment and was familiar with Milwaukee's products. I added that if this man had been injured using one of their drills, he obviously had been very careless or misusing the tool.

    I was shown the door very quickly.

  • 137. No excuse. I'll gladly served when called to jury duty. Here's something for all the excuse makers to think about: if all the bright and clever people are able to avoid jury service with their excuses, who are left to serve as jurors? I leave you with this question: Would you want those "leftovers" deciding your fate if you were accused of an offense?

  • 138. Actually I was summoned to appear, but the ironic part is, they tell you that it's mandatory, but no where in the Constitution does it state it's mandatory, nor required by law, or you'll be fined or go to jail. The Constitution states and I quote, that it's an obligation/duty as an American , but it also states that about our severing in the armed forc, but that doesn't mean we have to. DAH!. The 9th Amendment was put in so NO rights were taken away, that were not put into the Constitution. So actually they are trying to take our Constitutional right to make a CHOICE away from us. Again, NO where in the Constitution does it state you have to serve on any Jury. Plus, it also states it is taken from a pool of registered voters, and they don't do that either. No where in the Constitution was it ever amended to say that it was anything other the registered voters. So they apparently take it upon themselves to make up laws that are not amended in our Constitution, and AGAINST our Constitution that they claim that they are working for. IRONIC ISN'T IT?

  • 139. My sister had been summoned 4 times before age 25, and the first time, she was a student at a Bible college. She had a paper due the next week, so not thinking anything about it, brought her pens, paper, & Bible. They couldn't dismiss her fast enough! She's brought it to every other summons and never served a day!

  • 140. In Orange County, CA, it seems nearly impossible to get out of jury duty. Out of
    about 200 prospective jurors, I was selected for one of three juries (just my luck). When the judge asked if anyone had a problem with a week-long trial, I raised my hand: my employer does not pay me for taking time off for jury duty. Also, I have people who depend on me at work (I am in a high-paced, lead engineering position), and it is difficult to take off for any length of time. Furthermore, I had a vacation scheduled for later in the month, which means I would have been away from work for over half the month. After getting the third degree from the judge, he allowed me a deferment. I figured I will take my chances next time. A doctor, health care worker, and self-employed architect were not excused either but were also allowed a deferment. I can't exactly claim "extreme hardship", but should I be punished for being financially responsible? It seems like they should pick from those that are paid by their employer first.

  • 141. I recently had a summons arrive and it stated that I would most likely be serving for up to 6 weeks. I filled out their form and wrote that I don't get paid while being on jury duty (I work as a contractor and I only get paid for the hours I work) and wouldn't be able to pay my bills. They put me off for a year. I don't mind serving but I can't manage with the slave wages they give.

  • 142. When I received my first summons, I just simply disregarded it and didn't attend. I still wondering what's going to happen to me. Has anybody ever done this and had NO FINES imposed on them???

  • 143. I had jury duty less than a month ago - I went and it was a possession with intent to distribute charge. I told the judge that I had friends who use drugs and a friend who had been convicted of a similar charge, and did not think I could judge fairly. Today in the mail I just got a summons AGAIN. WTF - this is ridiculous, I am not sure what I'm going to do but I think I might just ignore it - they really can't prove that you didn't get it I think. *crossing fingers*

  • 144. I've only been called for jury duty once. I decided to blaze it off cause I couldn't afford to miss work. So, I simply told the attorneys and judge that I couldn't read, to make it a little more believable I did ask to speak privately with them. It worked like a charm. Watch out they'll try to trick ya.

  • 145. I have one for getting out jury duty. I've been summoned to serve in Rockville superior court in Vernon, CT 3 times in the past 2 years. Now I have ADHD like someone else stated previously and have a very hard time focusing. The past 2 times I went I filled out an excuse forum and stated I had a learning disability and expressed my concern that it would effect my ability to concentrate on a jury. Both times I got excused but it didn't count that I had actually served. It did count that I showed up. The first time they said I was excused for a year. And just about to the day got summons again. the 2nd time they said "my name would be put back into the juror pool and I could be called tomorrow, 6 months from now, or 10 years from now," and was excused again. Just about 8 months to the day I was called again and have to go next week. I'm going to do what I did the last 2 times and will hopefully likely get excused again. I'm tempted to bring the massive file my mom has of all my previous psychiatric visits, school records, ect proving I've had this all my life. It also helps that I have very sloppy handwriting. Now here's what I wonder, They say they choose you randomly by your driver's license number (I was not registered to vote the past 2 times I went and I still got called I am registered now so that trick does not work). Now if it's random like they claim why have I been summoned to serve 3 times in the past 2 years? This is feeling like harassment now. The only other time I was called to serve was in 1997 in NC. I got out of it very fast because for one I was still in high school and had a very important test to take (if I missed it I wouldn't of graduated), and my mom came with me. I was telling the clerk my excuse as she was writing my excused notice up. It also paid that I looked like I was 16. I'll update on what happens this time around.

  • 146. Dear U.S. voters: (November 14,2005) It is very unfair for courts to require people to serve on juries. Even in states that have one day plus one trial the courts that people are being summoned to are far away and hard to get to. Jury selection might occur on a day that wipes out a college test or a critical workday or at least one day of leaving children unsupervised (possibly even in the courtroom) I hope that those of you who want to be excused from jury duty are willing to seriously consider voting YES on the all volunteer jury initiative to make every court convert to all volunteer juries. An all volunteer jury system is the ONLY way for people who do not want to serve on a jury to get reliably excused. Courts are cracking down on excuses and California's one day plus one trial law eliminates excuses for high income people. After one day plus one trial was passed there were three TV shows that complained that important people are unable to still get excused from jury duty. The ultimate permanent excuse from jury duty is to vote YES on ALL VOLUNTEER JURY on the ballots of all 50 states. Then congress can follow up by making federal jury duty voluntary in each state that passes voluntary jury duty. After all 50 states pass all volunteer jury ballot propositions Congress can help add to voluntary jury duty pay. High school graduates who volunteer to serve on three juries can get college financial aid no matter how rich their parents are. Senior citizens will get a small increase in their social security benefits for each case they volunteer to serve on a jury on and finish the trial and vote on a verdict. Pretty please VOTE TO ABOLISH MANDATORY JURY DUTY NOW !!!!

  • 147. I showed up for jury duty in Santa Cruz CA. I wore mismatched CAMOUFLAGE clothing and hadn't shaved for a few days. They picked over a dozen people to interview and I was # 14. I was the prosecution's first peremptory challenge. The case involved an avid hunter who lived in his van (with is guns and rifle). He fought with the CHP during a traffic stop. They figured I was as crazy as he was.

  • 148. Not an excuse, but a case in being "honest" and stupid! First jury duty I was forced to endure the judge asked if anyone was relates to a police officer. Half the courtroom plus me raised our hands. One by one the jurors were asked, "Do you ever discuss the job with the police officer?" One by one they all answered, "NO! Of course not!" When it was my turn I stupidly answered, "Why yes, yes I always talk about police work!" My reasoning was that if I talk to a cop I'll be biased, right? Nope, not gonna happen! Every other person who said no was "let go" as they were lying! Yours truly ended up on some lame ass trail for drugs, (crack cocaine) because I was honest! Go figure. Too bad I didn't know about jury nullification, or however it's spelled. If I did I would have "exercise" my "right" to tell the state to stick it! Personally I hate this "forced" jury crap! How can anyone compel a person to dispense “justice” anyway? Aren’t the courts forcing people to “see it their way or the highway”? I go to jury duty tomorrow and I hope I have enough balls to use “jury nullification” and not to swear to a god, any god. Perhaps just for fun I’ll swear to the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Satan. I wonder how fast I’ll end up in jail for contempt. Blessed it be Satan ruler of nothing but a bastard to hang the woes of humanity onto.

  • 149. I get out of Jury duty every time I get summoned which is usually once a year. I tell them I have ADHD which is ADD with hyper activity and that I can sit still for more then 15 to 20 minutes. I also tell them that my loved one is a bailiff. It helps if you say loved one or partner since they don't really want someone who is gay. (Even though I am not)

  • 150. I knew I was about to be laid off from work and really needed to be looking for a job, not stuck in jury duty. Also, I am hypoglycemic and diabetic, so I have to eat every few hours to keep my blood sugar regulated. I explained my medical condition to the judge and he asked if I had a doctor's note; I admitted that I did not, but still had the medical condition. He asked what happened if my blood sugar got too out-of-whack; I told him I got the shakes, headaches, hard-to-breath. He excused me.

  • 151. I am nineteen and have just received a letter about jury service for the first time. I had not even put any thought into jury service before, as there was no need and it hadn't exactly crossed my mind. Well, not until now, of course. Receiving this letter seemed extremely weird to me and quite inconvenient I must say. And I am required to respond "within ten days after receipt"? I am thinking I shall just write some long-as-hell letter explaining myself and why I should be considered exempt. All other facts aside, the system infuriates me anyway, and I don't suppose they want to deal with "free spirits" and such independent thinkers, now do they? I figure, upon receiving my response, they'll have PLENTY of reasons to excuse me, one of which is that they are likely to be unsettled by the fact that I, perhaps, come across as intelligent... Either that, or insane. But yes, I suppose I may appear to be a threat. Well here are some of my reasons. Due to the fact that I have emotional instabilities [high social anxiety, post traumatic stress and a scarcely known problem called Dysmorphophobia/BDD], I can barely function in public as it is, or even outside of my room for that matter, and thus I am unable to obtain or maintain a job. I am far too nervous around those with whom I have not already closely bonded with, and, many times, I am unable to properly communicate in verbal conversation. I have no income whatsoever and am living in the basement of my sister's home like some kind of bum, it would seem; So far I'm receiving only one form of compensation as a result of my... Ahem.... Emotional bankruptcy. [That compensation, is a food card, which is worth $150+ a month. Otherwise I'd just have to continue leeching off the income of my sister's family.] I also have no vehicle and am unable to use public transportation. I am dependent upon my sister for transportation, who has a tight schedule whilst handling work, nursing school, and caring for her eight-year-old daughter. Many times, I also am responsible for babysitting my niece. I am also nocturnal and always have been, so I would not be able to tolerate waking at early, ungodly hours of day. I am sure you get the idea by now. I know at this point I must sound like a pathetic person, but whatever. My single ambition, which I also believe to be my purpose and the only way I can truly ever succeed in life, is by becoming an author. I do not see Jury Service as beneficial to me in any way. I spend my time developing my artistic abilities and I believe that someday my books will be well-known. So... Yeah. Congratulations and thank you for reading my uh... life story. Lol.

  • 152. I was called to serve jury duty not long ago. I dreaded this for months and did not want to go. I was like every body trying to find an excuse to get out of it before my date. Finally, my date came I went and served my civic duty. The clerk informed us we could serve a week or we could be dismissed. It ended up I only served 4 hours and was released. So my advise is to serve, most times you will not serve. Beats getting fined $1,500 the judge. Due your civic duty and serve. If you were guilty wouldn't you want a trial by a jury of your peers? Thanks, Civic duty man.

  • 153. I live in Tampa, Florida (Hillsborough County) and have successfully used this excuse twice. On the jury duty form, I simply checked that I'd moved to another county (nearby Pinellas County in both cases), mailed it back and it worked like a charm. Florida law requires that potential jurors reside in the county where they’re summoned so I made the most of it. (Excuse #64 gave me the idea!) The first time, I provided a friend's P.O. Box address in Pinellas County showing that I'd moved there and the second time I stated that I moved out of the county but provided no new address at all. I mailed the forms back and never received a response in either case. In Florida, no response means no jury duty and no need to show up at any government office. I guess Florida is too busy to actually verify who's actually living where which worked to my benefit twice already. To all those people who feel that evading jury duty is disregarding our so-called “civic duty” (as if paying taxes for nothing isn‘t enough) or that we’d regret not having a competent jury if we were ever on trial, let’s just say that having dual American/foreign citizenship and two valid passports does have its distinct advantages. I speak from experience!

  • 154. If you really want to get out of jury duty, at least temporarily...call the day before and tell them you just wanted to know who you need to speak with to let them know that you don't want to be in any trouble, but you won't be able to come in for jury duty tomorrow because your family member was in an accident and you are out of state right now. Then they will excuse you right over the phone, and might say they will reschedule you for a later date. Well when that date comes just tell them that you have decided to stay and help your family member that was in the accident indefinitely. That should take care of it.

  • 155. Well, it's my turn to try to get out of this. I read here the court doesn't like "individual thinkers" Well, I'M a Male to Female Transsexual. Is this individual enough to work??

  • 156. I was summoned for jury duty in Philadelphia. I told the first judge I was called to that my father was unjustly convicted of fraud (true). When asked if this would create bias in this case, I answered, "subconsciously, yes." I got dismissed right away. My friend went a different route. When asked if he had lawyer friends, he said yes. When asked if he ever discussed work with them, he responded, "Yeah, they teach me about cool things in law, such as jury nullification." He was also dismissed.

  • 157. Easy to get out way, tell them when asked any question by anyone, just answer saying, how in God's name can anyone get a fair trial when they are being overseen by the judge that gets paid by the same people, directly or indirectly, as the prosecution does and those who would enforce the punishments and if applicable the public defender. Give that sort of answer with different variables and I assure you, you will never be called again.

  • 158. I have always WANTED to serve on a jury, but have never been chosen. The two times I made it as far as the questions, I was eliminated. The first time was a criminal case, and I was eliminated because I have a close relative in law enforcement. The second time was a case of medical malpractice, and I work in the medical profession and was very familiar with the physician and his abilities.

  • 159. If you mention you are impartial or biased towards the people involved, you will be excused.

  • 160. I'm not sure if this is going to work, but after reading this forum, I thought I would 'incorporate' a few excuses. I recently got a Non-compliance letter for the commissioner of Jurors for the four jury summons I ignored. I wrote them that I am a brittle diabetic and my blood sugar can drop dramatically on a daily basis, take meds for thyroid and blood pressure (this is true). But I also added that although I thought serving on a jury was a duty of every citizen, I didn't believe that jury duty should be mandatory. And for good measure, the last sentence said, " I will feel very uncomfortable judging someone's guilt or innocence as I thought that was God's duty only. I let you know.

  • 161. I am a medical doctor (nephrologists) in Los Angeles, California. Previously I had been called to jury duty in the civil court. I was released after waiting around 1 day in the courthouse. This time I was called for a criminal case. At the end of the first day (a Wednesday) 54 "jurors" were assigned to a horrendous criminal case---the abuse and murder of a 6 month infant. The jury selection went on for 4 days; it was clear the court was going to go through the whole pool of 54 to get 18---12 + 6 alternates. Here is what I learned:

    1) If you go to court with a bad attitude---argumentative, querulous---this does not work well. The judge might excuse you from his court but assign you to another case.

    2) Individuals with language problems and those who respond slowly or not at all are likely to be excused.

    3) Having a positive attitude or even being slightly overeager to serve are signs that you might have an agenda and therefore a bias.

    4) You should talk in a neutral manner about possible "conflicts" (code for conflict of interest). Examples in my case: "I was a victim of child abuse", "I received an unjust jury verdict", "my friends on the police force have never lied to me", "My step-son worked as an attorney in the DA's office" and "my religious beliefs do not permit me to find the defendant guilty in a death penalty case" etc...

    5) Finally, in the state of California thanks to our two fine state senators---Boxer and Feinstein---there is a strict law governing the release of medical information. This might explain what happened to me. After sitting in the courtroom for several hours a day for 3 days I started to get numbness, pain and weakness in my left foot---the result of a lumbar disc problem exacerbated by the prolonged sitting. Saturday I went to a doctor for my back problem and got a medical excuse. Monday I called up the court clerk and told her I had a medical excuse. I was excused immediately without either the clerks in the jury assembly room or the court ever asking to see the excuse. Of course, there is a space on the original jury summons for a doctor to sign for a medical excuse but this experience makes me think that in California it could be possible to get an excuse without a doctor signing by stating you have a medical excuse after being assigned to a case. If they ask for the excuse you could cite the new medical privacy law in California.

  • 162. When I have gotten a letter in the mail there was a list of legitimate reasons as to why someone would be excused. One of the reasons was expectant mother. I checked this box. I am a man. I also have checked the "other" box and written in "recovering from mental illness".

  • 163. I'm a self employed engineer. Sole support for my family and employees, etc. Went for jury duty the first time about 25 years ago prepared to use this great excuse. It was my good luck that I wasn't first in the excuse line. The judge took great pleasure in reaming the general contractor ahead of me with the exact same excuse! Got on a jury (foreman yet) for public urination. We found the poor guy guilty in about 2 minutes. We couldn't stop laughing. His defense was that he was waiting to buy crack and couldn't go home to take a leak because he was afraid he would miss the man. Whipped it out across the street from a school. An excuse that has worked for me is that when they always ask the "have you ever participated in a trial?" question, I respond that I've been an expert witness in civil trials a dozen times. Gets me dismissed right away every time. I think that they don't like any one who is too familiar with the law or the courts. I have a bunch of relatives who are cops. None of the attorneys seem to care about this. If you live in Napa county Ca. get used to getting called every 6 months. The population of that county was about 80,000 and I think my wife and I got called all the time because we were 2 of the 500 or so in the county who spoke English or who weren't on probation for meth. Glad I moved.

  • 164. Even if you don't receive a summons in the mail or say you didn't receive one - they will put a warrant out for your arrest anyway. My husband lived in different county and didn't receive his jury summons and they put a warrant out for his arrest. I see a lot of bad advice here.

  • 165. I have simply thrown them away! I'm 58 and never gone or had a problem with this method yet! I figure I've tossed 30+ in the trash. Who is to say if I got it or not I did not sign anything. B.Z. California.

  • 166. Here's the official take on what can and can't get you on jury duty lists - at least in New Jersey:

    1) Obtaining a New Jersey driver's license (first time only)

    2) Applying for a state ID card

    3) Registering to vote

    4) Filing a New Jersey state tax return

    Each one of these things gets your name put on the list - and the more you do, the more times your name goes on the list. Yes, your name CAN be on the list multiple times, which increases your odds of getting picked. Plus, this is how you can get your name taken OFF the list but still get sent notices. If you avoid as many of these as possible, you can avoid jury duty. As for excuses, I got myself taken permanently off the list by replying to my notice that I was no longer a resident of the county for which I was called, which gets them to take your name off the list. At the time, I was living at college, 4 counties away, so I wasn't COMPLETELY lying. I also sent the notice back from college, so it was postmarked out of county as well. For the record, though, full-time students in general are exempt from serving in NJ.

  • 167. Well, I have to say that when it comes to jury duty, I would have a difficult time with sitting in a courtroom for a long time and I would have a difficult focusing on the case. frig it, if receive a summons, chuck it and don't show up.

  • 168. I just received my first summons and am making myself sick over it. I am 20 and have lived in the country all my life. They want me to go to the city of Philadelphia, over an hour away, sit there all day, and come home and do the same thing the next day. I am going to tell them that I have a fear of driving in the cities (so that's NOT an option) and have never drove anywhere remotely congested by myself. Also, I have never traveled using public transportation alone and fear that walking in the city as a 20 yr old, in the dark (b/c it will be winter) I fear being raped/stabbed/etc. I hope it works!!

  • 169. In 2001 I was called for jury duty. I went, sat there all morning, and about 3pm (on a Friday of course) got called into the courtroom w/ several 100 people. They went thru the opening speech, blah blah. Finally they asked if anyone had a reason they felt would cause them to be biased. I raised my hand.. and after about 4or 5 others got their excuses rejected, I advised that due to the fact this was a domestic violence case and I had previously been involved in a domestic violence case in this courtroom w/ you as a judge. They dismissed me immediately.

  • 170. State "I believe in the concept of jury nullification and intend to exercise that right as a juror" somewhere on the form they send you. State this even if there is no specific place to make statements.

  • 171. Hi, if there is no public transportation from your home to the courthouse, they will excuse you. It works in the province of Ontario. They can not force you to take a cab or rent a car.

  • 172. Answer that you would make an excellent candidate for the jury… after all… and then change your voice, “I am looking for another host body.”

  • 173. Here's the perfect one, but it takes a lot of luck as far as timing.

    Here in Milwaukee County Wisconsin, you can only defer once for up to 6 months. I got summoned for duty when I was nearly 3 months pregnant. They wouldn't accept ANY of my 5 medical excuses, they didn't balk at my "jury nullification" remark, and they wouldn't accept that I am sole care giver for my child, or that I have my own trial less than 3 weeks after my duty dates. I managed to get deferred until the second week of November. Now I have the perfect excuse. My water could break at any minute! It's all about the ancient Chinese art of Ti-ming.

  • 174. Not bad advice I just throw them away done it all 3 times I was called never put a warrant for my arrest but I do live in a big city.

  • 175. I was called for Jury Duty and the case was a black man had held up a jewelry store and shot the clerk, when asked why I should be excused I stood up and said to the judge honestly your honor I think all niggers are guilty of something even if they aren't caught. I was immediately excused and escorted to my car.

  • 176. Not sure if you are supposed to dress up or not for jury duty, but I thought I would wear my new t-shirt, "Do I Look Like A #@$% People Person?"

  • 177. I have always used this: "I would tend to favor blacks, women, gays and/or Hispanics in a court of law, because I believe they are discriminated against in society at large." I have never been picked so far..... even one case was a white guy who slipped on a banana peel in a supermarket, and the supermarket lawyer dismissed me because they thought I would automatically sympathize with "the little guy"...........!

  • 178. Last year I was called for jury duty and told the judge that I was very opinionated and had already come to my decision (it was a lawsuit against the sheriff cause someone who was incarcerated committed suicide) and I would not vote for the plaintiff (the deceased's mother) and would they like me explain my decision???? No they would rather I not, however, that did not stop me and I proceeded to explain why I would not be party to a lawsuit where someone chose to end their life and blame it on the sheriff's office. They practically threw me out of the place. However, I've been recalled to Jury Duty next month and hope to come up with something equally as disqualifying.

  • 179. I have been summoned to appear as a juror in this small Midwestern town in a few days and am not happy about it. I have only lived in this state and county for about 9 years, having relocated from another state on the Mid-Atlantic coast after about 32 years. I served on a jury in my previous state -- there I was given about 30 days notice that I would have to serve and was given a two-week period of future dates that I would be on call to serve if needed -- -plenty of time to plan and make adjustments to any plans I had or had planned to make in my personal and family life. I sat on three cases during those two weeks. Here, in this town and county that seems to not be able to comprehend that people have lives, I received a jury summons ONE WEEK before the reporting date (what if I had been already gone on a 2-3-4 week vacation???) and it tells me that I am to report on a certain date UNTIL DISMISSED -- people tell me that it here it can be SEVERAL months that you can be called to serve, probably each time with about a week's notice. Do they expect one to put their lives on hold for such a long time?? I will show up the first day, but I do have strong feelings about serving (not just about the procedures) as a juror -- and I should add that because of my retirement status, what I would get paid to serve would be in my pocket, so that's not an issue -- I can take that or leave it. I don't think I was put on this earth to judge others; I have little faith in the justice system -- judges, lawyers, people can be bought; people do lie even under oath , you can only believe half of what you hear; deciding a person's guilt or innocence is a crap shoot -- you may as well roll the dice or toss a coin. I guess I agree with all those who cite jury nullification. On the other hand, if I play along, go every day I am called, I can pocket the taxpayers' money and all I have to do is vote with the majority of the jury, whether I believe the verdict or not -- don't you think that happens ? Where's the justice in using people who think like me to determine another's future?

  • 180. It works! I had jury duty today and played the "jury nullification" card and it worked! I was excused! I told the prosecuting attorney that he, the judge, and the other lawyer have not informed us potential jurors of the entire law. They kept talking about the law and how we had to base our verdict on it. I then told them that because of jury nullification that I do not have to uphold the law but can base my verdict entirely on my own opinion. The judge tried to do the double talk thing with me and say that it isn't a law and where did I hear of it. I joyfully told him that I found it out online the night before. They repeatedly asked if I would uphold the law and I continuously stated that because of jury nullification that I would base my decision on my own opinion of the law and that they knew that it was legal. I was kindly asked to be excused.

  • 181. This happened to me: I was called to jury duty and picked for the jury pool, the judge asked “is there any reason anyone on the jury could not give their full attention to the matter at hand” I raised my hand and said “ Yes your honor I have several time limited projects at work and they are constantly on my mind until I finish them.” He said “are you saying that to get out of jury duty?” I said “ no your honor I just answered your question truthfully, I would then assume someone will tell me the questions you don’t want a truthful answers to?” I was escorted out of the jury room and not asked back that session.

  • 182. I have used this twice. My middle name really is Lee; when asked to state my full name, I say (In my best Suthron DRAWL) Lori LEE (Jones) JUST LIKE OUR GENERAL WHO WAS FORCED TO SURRENDER AT APPOMATTOX.

    If there is a "person of color" anywhere in the room, they will gasp and look horrified at the Confederate reference. The attorneys automatically excuse me.

    A southern belle...

  • 183. Your honor: I don't feel that I can objectively judge this defendant. Since he is required to be judged by a jury of his peers, and since he is being accused of (example: murder) and since I have never been accused of (murder) I feel that in all fairness to the defendant only people who have been accused of (murder) should be required to here this persons case. With all due respect to this court and to the defendant I am not qualified. Thank you.

  • 184. ... Some people had a very good idea, cause I always just tossed them, haven't heard from them people in over 10 yrs,
    if they ever get in contact with u just say "WHAT SUMMONS", I didn't receive anything, have u been smoking in the judges chambers... lol

  • 185. Why do Americans try to be so elaborate. There is a far simpler way to do this and fully within your rights. Do NOT take the oath. They can not compel you to take an oath. If a judge tries, the oath is thus under duress and is thus null and void. The first amendment protects your right not just to say things but FROM saying them as well. I have repeatedly written back saying that I will not take an oath or affirmation as I do not believe in them. They send me back a notice telling me that my excuse was denied and I must appear. I go and I tell each person in the step that I will not take an oath or affirmation. Eventually you get into the court room and are asked to raise your right hand and take the oath. I simply don't. When I am asked why, I ask them how many elected officials have taken an oath to protect the laws and are now under indictment. Oaths mean nothing and possess no magical power to make someone tell the truth. Everybody lies, I lie, they lie, but I will not take an oath to a government official and validate a system that lies. WARNING: This did get me a personal escort from the building. But it worked.

  • 186. Simply indicate you're familiar with the case because you've read a news article or seen a TV news piece about the crime / lawsuit in question.

  • 187. Look at the list of qualifications on the jury summons. In Texas, one of the qualifications states that you must "be of sound judgment and good moral character". Simply send back the summons with a note that you aren't qualified for jury service on that basis. How could they prove you wrong?

  • 188. Well I have just read a lot of stuff about jury duty excuses on your awesome webpage here and I wonder what will happen tomorrow. I've been summoned for jury duty, can't postpone it (tried to call and do so but no dice).

    Tomorrow morning at 8 AM is my reporting time.

    I am scheduled to go on a mission trip to Mexico with my church at the end of the week (already paid for) and I will tell them that.

    I plan to bring my Bible and study materials to keep me busy while waiting.

    I am also tattooed and will dress in a way that exposes my ink (nautical stars on each side of my collarbone) and I am contemplating wearing red leather pants with fringe.

    Maybe I won't do the leather pants...it's been really hot in Southern California lately.

    Also I am ADHD, and although I have not got a doctor's note, I DO have my prescription bottle of Adderall which is a controlled substance and would not be prescribed to a 31 year old woman unless she's legitimately diagnosed with something requiring the stuff.

    One or more of the above should serve to get me dismissed, ya think??

  • 189. I was called to jury duty and the case was explained to the potential jurors. They finally got around to asking me if I thought I would qualify for this case. I said "NO". They asked me why out loud in the court room and I said I didn't want to explain in front of all the other people. The Judge called me to the bench and shut off the microphone and asked me why? I said that, "I have yet to meet an honest cop and would be prejudice against the officer. The Judge looked at me and said, "You’re excused". I am still being reinforced with this belief regularly.

  • 190. Hi I'm Mr.. Antonio Molo Aberilla and I'm not qualified to become a juror yet because I'm not a citizen yet thank you very much, by the way my juror number is 70986 pin number 0664 juror group 1002 time is 8:30am date is on Nov. 5 , 2007. (Editors Note: This was actually submitted to me and I hope the poor guy didn't think I was the right authority to submit his legal excuse to!)

  • 191. Tomorrow (actually later today) I will appear in court for the first time on a summons for jury duty and I just read all of the input from those who have been mandated to serve. This is very helpful for me. So much of what I read applies to me. I am hypoglycemic, father was an MP and later a police officer, I trust God to do the judging, a good friend of mine is an attorney, drug addiction is a disease not a crime. Thank you

  • 192. Los Angeles, Ca, started my week of calling and by Wednesday I forgot to call early, so when I did remember to call, at 12:10a.m. or so, the message I got was not to show up...HA! I missed the message to appear on Thursday so then when I called again, I was told I had to do a week of calling and putting off my life, yet again! I asked, is there any other choice? She said I could choose a day to show up! I could choose. no kidding. I chose a Tuesday after a holiday... this is what's important... after the holiday... no cases were going to court and I got off within 20 minutes of showing up. And here I spent a sleepless night remembering all my life stories of judicial incompetence to tell them...after all, I do believe the truth will set us free!

  • 193. This is in response to the person wondering if saying you live in another country works. I does!! But you may need to show proof. I used to live in the United States but now live in Canada, and I got jury duty notice at my parents house (my old address). I naturally can't come so I wrote out a email and sent it to my mom for her to print. It stated that I live in Canada and I have asked my mother to be my appointed spokesperson. She physically took the letter in, but included in my letter was a scan of my drivers license. So that may have swayed them :) I wasn't as concerned with 'getting out' of Jury Duty as truly proving I lived in Canada. Anyway I did get out of Jury Duty for life (in the states).

  • 194. I didn't do this on purpose, but.... My sinuses were draining & I sucked it down the wrong pipe. Ever had that happen--when you choke on your own spit? I stood up to try and draw a good breath so I could cough; I was wheezing and gasping. Then one of the other jurors started doing a Heimlich on me (which didn't help by the way...I was trying to get air in & he was pushing it out). Then the closest attorney offered me a glass of water (huh? can't breathe here so no, not really wanting a drink thanks). Then the defendant decided to try and look good too and started patting me on the back. (He was charged with sexually molesting a child. Ewwwww, no, don't pat me. Don't touch me. Creep.) They escorted me out of the courtroom and called the paramedics. Of course, once I got a decent breath & could cough, I was fine. The judge sent out word that I was dismissed. When I went to let the jury commissioner know that I was leaving and told her why, she told me that the judge was a little jumpy. A juror had had a heart attack in his courtroom the day before and had died in the jury box before the paramedics could get there.

  • 195. Hi. I got a jury duty summons in Sand Diego County. I marked the "financial burden" section. What I don't get is why EVERYBODY isn't marking this right now. It's September of 2008. Isn't everybody watching as their retirement funds slowly dwindle down to nothing? Isn't everybody watching the gas prices cost more and more (Well, I drive a tiny Honda Civic Coupe that can get from San Diego to Vegas on one 11 gallon tank, but they don't need to know that)? Isn't everybody else unable to afford milk, cheese and other basic food necessities? A gallon of milk cost $1.50 two years ago. Now it costs $3.50 and that's insane/ The location of the court in relation to my home is a dangerous drive down a mountain, too. I simply wrote on my summons, "Not only do I not get paid, the court is more than 35 miles from my residence, gas is too expensive and a bus during rush hour would take me four hours." I served exactly three years ago when I was in college. I did my civic duty without kicking up any fuss at all. Now, I have a life, a career and the economy is kicking my hiney. I don't CARE about my civic duty when the economy is falling apart and I have to cut luxuries like milk out of my life. Ridiculous. If I am forced to show up, I will... but I KNOW I will be excused. I won't even need an "excuse." My outrage will get me disqualified so fast that my own head will spin. Forget how guilty the defendant is.... the GOVERNMENT is guilty of screwing up my life! Since when can a single person barely afford to live on a salary of $35,000 a year?

  • 196. I have been summoned about four times and have never showed up in court. Here are my excuses that were accepted and denied but accepted after a phone call to the clerk's office.

        Accepted- I was not a U.S. citizens at that time.

        Denied, but later accepted---I have a 4 and 2 yr old son and I am the only care provider. In addition, I work after 5pm. They said I was denied but had to call in the clerk's to give more details. They asked me what time I work. I said after 5pm but my husband doesn't get home from work until 4pm. I had no childcare before 4pm, 8-5pm was the court's business hours.

        Denied- needed to call the clerk. My excuse was my 5yr old son is in school and I take him and pick him up from school. In addition, I am the only care provider to my 3 yr old son while my 5 yr old is in school. I totally forgot to call the clerk asap for an excuse because I was denied through postcard and only had 2 days before the court date. By this time, they didn't accept phone excuses. So, I just postponed the date 2 months online on my Spring Break (I am also college student)

        I report for Jury duty tomorrow, found it was canceled! Feels good it was canceled but upset how I had to work my Jury duty around my spring break and call for my sister who lives far to babysit that day. So inconvenient!

  • 197. It's very simple to get out of jury duty. After receiving your summons, simply show the clerk of courts your drivers license with an address for another city outside the court's jurisdiction and they will automatically release you from serving; unless they want to pay you travel time for each day, which they won't. Here in Wisconsin it costs only $14.00 to get a new license and you can put any address on it that you want. You can always “move” back after you’ve been excused from jury duty.. Well worth it, IMO.

  • 198. I called the jury coordinator and asked for accomodations since I need to pump every 3 hours (which is true, I'm still breastfeeding my 4 month old). It worked beautifully!! They said I was excused for a whole year. Breastfeeding to the rescue.... Lol

  • 199. I have always escaped Jury Duty by telling them my brother is a Police Officer and that I was a legal secretary for 25 years; however, when I was called to serve in a small town in Michigan (where there are slim-pickins for jurors), I tried that excuse while being questioned by the two attorneys trying the case, and the Judge replied, “Do you think that would influence your decision in this case?” I had to answer honestly, so I said “No.” The judge then asked if there was any other reason I felt might influence me being a juror, and I replied “Well, I’m not sure … would it make a difference if I submitted two resumes to both attorney’s offices last week, was interviewed by both and I didn’t get the job?” The judge didn’t hesitate to ask both attorneys, “Would that matter to either one of you?” – they both said ”No” and I got picked as an alternate juror in a Civil matter. When I go in May 2011, I am going to ask if it would matter that I had a hearing in an adjacent court (Probate) the day prior to my service and that I felt a great injustice was done, and that I am just not going to vote the next go-round, and I am a little miffed about being there (I have been called to serve 6 out of 8 years in my county (once a year) – the only thing I can think of is that I did not vote since I was in between residences). My brother said to tell them that, “I think if they are here in court, they must be guilty of something” – remember, he is a Police Officer.

  • 200. I served 1 day in a jury duty pool, and did not have to report back the rest of my 2 weeks. I did not feel safe in the courthouse building. It was legit, not a lie. I pointed out that the sheriff in courtroom was just about asleep sitting in back of the room. Also that the defendant's buddies were there and could hear my name and where I lived. I was told to go home. Since judge told me to go home, and I was not about to get him pissed, I told jury pool room supervisor exactly what he said...she said I was supposed to stay. I said I will not, I am not defying a judge, and told her I was leaving. She said okay.

    Months later someone was shot... so my concern was legit.




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