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Over the months, that I have been publishing this web site, many people have emailed me and asked to be notified when I add new excuses to The Mother of All Excuses Place.  So I decided to start a list for people to subscribe to be notified of updates.  Now it has developed into a best of the humor circulating around the Internet list,  plus I'll feature a very entertaining web site that I feel everyone will enjoy.  If you are interested in receiving "Excuse Me", use the subscription form near the bottom of this page.

I have also decided to list links to all the web sites that I featured in each issue.  This way people that don't subscribe can enjoy the great web sites I have found.  If you have any jokes, or know of a good web sites you want featured in "Excuse Me", please email them to me  Click Here To Email Me.  Thank you for your time!

If you find any dead links on this page, please email me and let me know. 

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Featured web sites in  "Excuse Me"

  1. Deputy Bill's World Famous Speeding Excuse Machine  ( Deputy Bill has left the building. )

  2. The Love Police 

  3. The Redneck Employment Agency  ( Note, this web site doesn't exist any more! )

  4.  Dumb Criminals Acts 

  5.  The Boss Sucks, Customers Suck!, Co-Workers Suck!, Patients Suck!, Idiots Suck! 

  6.  The Most Embarrassing Moments of My Life 

  7.  World's Largest Roadside Attractions 

  8.  The   ( This web site has been changed to a search engine. )

  9.  Toxic Boss 

  10.  The Weird Site 

  11.  thegripe 

  12.  The Dialectizer 


  14.  Work Is Bad  


  16.  Bob Rivers and Twisted Tunes 

  17.  Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye! 


  19.  Planet Wally 

  20.  The Virtual Tourist 

  21.  Cyrano Server   ( Sorry but this web site is out of business. )

  22.  Bad Fads Museum 

  23.  Bandwidth Speed Test

  24.  SpellOnLine 

  25.  Shield's Up

  26.  Online Tests 

  27.  Zone Labs   

  28.  My Dear Diary 

  29.  Yesterdayland 

  30.  Mother-In-Law Stories  

  31.  It Seemed Like a Good Idea   ( Sorry but this web site is out of business.) 

  32.  Wacky Uses  

  33.  My Boss Sucks   ( Sorry but this web site is out of business. )

  34.  Clumsy Crooks 


  36.  The Centre For The Easily Amused  ( This web site has been changed to an Uproar owned web site. )

  37.  The Rock-N-Roll Hall of Shame  

  38.  The Answering Machine   ( Sorry but this web site is out of business. )

  39.  dMarie Time Capsule  

  40.  Totally Absurd Inventions  

  41.  9to5cafe  

  42.  Pet Name Finder  

  43.  Dumb Laws  


  45.  Secret Songs  


  47.  The Random Excuse Generator  

  48.  Yahoo! Internet Life  

  49.  Sickday Excuse Generator  

  50.  Theme Park Insider  

  51.  Just a Tip  

  52.  How Stuff Works  

  53.  We 8  

  54.  PlaySite  

  55.  Our Complaints  


  57.  National Landscapes  

  58.  EyeTricks  

  59.  The Bitter Single Guy's Relationship Advice Site  

  60.  Dietwatch Nutrition Calculator  


  62.  Thomas Kinkade -- Painter of Light  

  63.     Sorry but this is a dead link now!

  64.  Puzzle Depot  

  65.  ContestGuide  
  66.  The Nightmare Project  

  67.  Slip Ups  

  68.  High School Yearbooks     Sorry but this is a dead link now!

  69.  Working for the Man   

  70.  Linky & Dinky  

  71.  Yahoo! Broadcast  

  72.  Like Television   

  73.  Roommates War Stories  


  75.  Trivia Portal  

  76.  Police Humor  

  77.  Afraid To Ask Your Doctor?  

  78.  The Duck Tape Guys  

  79.  Keep Current With The Kids  

  80.  People Who Died From Being Dumb  

  81.  Atomic Clock Sync  


  83.  Homework Excuse Generator  

  84.  Pet Name Finder  

  85.  Ripley's Believe It or Not  

  86.  Elf Farts: Silent (But Deadly) Night  

  87.  Diagnose Car Problems  

  88.  Dating Advice for Geeks  

  89.  Hollywood Underground  

  90.  Ask An Expert  

  91.  Addictive Games  

  92.  The Internet Movie Database  

  93.  Barney  

  94.  Freaky Dreams  

  95.  Love Test  

  96.  The Simulator  

  97.  TV Tunes Online  

  98.  Worst Date Ever  

 99.   Rantopia  

100.  Museum of Hoaxes  

101.  AdventureTV  

102.  Fun Brain  

103.  Ask the DreamDoctor  

104.  KidsHealth  

105.  My Confession   Wow.... sorry but this site went out of business right after I featured it!

106.  Side Show Art  

107.  Kodak PictureCenter  


109.  Bloopers  

110.  Chicken Soup For The Soul  

111.  The Idiot Files  

112.  Save My Show  

113.  Worst Case Scenarios   

114.  The Osbournes Fun   

115.  Daily Confession   

116.  Ultimate Roller Coaster   

117. and Disney's Haunted Mansion  

118.  Speed Trap Exchange 

119.  Regrets Only  

120.  Elvis writes: "I WILL REVEAL MYSELF IN AUGUST 2002"  

121.  The Art of Prank Calls  

122.  Dying To Bet  

123.  Bug Review 

124.  Street Games  

125.  Webshots Desktop  

126.  Totally Off the Record  

127.  The Most Fun You've Ever Had Cross-Eyed  

128.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  

129.  Motorist Mail  

130.  Phobia List  

131.  The American Highway Project  

132.  IQ Test  

133.  Name That Tune  

134.  Funny Bumper Stickers   

135.  Totally Off The Record  

136.  Computer Security and Virus Check  

137.  Brad Pitt  

138.  Jennifer Aniston  

139.  Guinness World Records  

140.  Comb Overs  

141.  Age Page  

142.  Fark   

143.  Apology Maker  

144.  Adventures in Reflective Surfaces  

145.  PhotoForums  

146.  Lost America Night Photography   

147.  Plot-O-Matic   

148.  Road Trip America Links   

149.  Real Snowflakes Under The Microscope   

150.  Cosmetic Mall  

151.  World City Photos   

152.  Tabloid Column   

153.  First Issue of Superman   

154.  Ask Alice   

155.  Mammoth Magic Card Trick Depot   

156.  Graffiti   

157.  Herspace  

158.  Photo Tag  

159.  Coolest Calorie-Counter Ever   

160.  See if that creepy kid is in jail yet   

161.  Fun With Words   

162.  Other People's Stories  

163.  Dream Anatomy   

164.  The rules for every game devised   

165.  Disco-Disco   

166.  Get rid of telemarketers   

167.  Virtually Lost   

168.  Your Lying Eyes 

169.  Throw Me a Line   

170.  Daps Lyrics  

171.  Mysteries or cover-ups   

172.  Yesterland   

173.  Times of Our Lives     

174.  The Secrets Exchange   

175.  Crop Circles   

176.  The Duck Tape Club   

177.  Learn More about Digital Photography   

178.  PC Hell   

179.  Pizza Guy Stories   

180.  Way Too Personal Ads   

181.  Fix-a-Pic   

182.  Worst Jobs   

183.  I Used to Believe   

184.  Stupid People   

185.  Don't take being crapped on sitting down  

186.  3-D Cross-Eyed Illusions   

187.  The Serious J.F.K. Assassination Page   

188.  Whichbook   

189.  Bad Products to Take Back   

190.  Web Site Confessions   

191.  CrazyFads   

192.  The earthquake predictor 

193.  Stupidvideos  

194.  Celebrity Prank Calls 

195.  Worst Album Covers 

196.  Museum of Television & Radio 

197.  Rating Zone 


199.  The Jimplex  

200.  FBI famous files  

201.  If you see Elvis   

202.  Fart Lighting Society 

203.  TV Scripts  


205.  Online Pranks 

206.  "Bad Boss" Syndrome  

207.  PC Pitstop  

208.  Real Stupid News   

209.  Worst of the Web   

210.  Butt Hobbies   

211.  What's my Pirate name   

212.  A Stupid Persons Guide to Life  

213.  What To Rent 

214.  Ugly Cars  

215.  Roadies 

216.  How to toilet train your cat  

217.  Diner Slang 

218.  Pixar Theater  

219.  Where'd they film that  

220.  Time Capsule  

221.  Planet Family Guy  

222.  Tombstone Generator 

223.  Golden Age Cartoons  

224.  Super SLO-MO Videos  



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