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We get hurt....we visit the doctor....they give us an excuse to give to work. Well most of the time it's true but there are times that we need one because we really didn't get hurt...your bad! So here's where you can read the funny ones or people can send in the real ones that other people can use, or turn in the outrageous ones they have heard over the years. I noticed that a few people have reached this place by looking up Doctor Excuses in search engines. So if it is here maybe people will start submitting them. Please send some in!

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Note from Madtbone: Hi friends, someone sent me in a doctor excuse form that they made up.  You can use it at your own risk.  To view it and possibly print it out, click on the link provided.

Doctor Excuse Form 1

Doctor Excuse Form 2 - This is in a Word Format.

  • 1.  To whom it may concern. ______________ broke his femur bone in half skateboarding in a empty swimming pool in a skateboard park over the week-end and is in the hospital for a month and might not be able to work for 6 months.

  • 2.  Your employee ______________ was riding his son's BMX bike and broke is left ankle in two place and will be out of work for 4 months.

  • 3.  _______________ broke his hand when he slugged the wall because of a fight with his brother. He should be out of work for about 6 weeks.

  • 4.  _______________ will not be able to work for 6 months because she was riding on the back of a tandem bike and her husband swerved a little to miss some water and ended up falling down and breaking her pelvic bone.

  • 5.  This is a true, too....I went to a friend's house and was playing with her puppy on the floor of her living room.  When I stood up, there was a fish hook embedded in my knee (her boyfriend had dropped it or something.) Well, I went to the ER to get a tetanus shot, not expecting any problems, got home, got sick as a dog and missed work for three days!!!  I haven't had a tetanus shot since.... And I was wondering why they asked me if I needed a note for work, glad I had it just in case.

  • 6.  My sister-in-law stayed with us a short time and hated to help load the wood stove.  So she claimed she went to the doctor and he diagnosed her with poplaritis, she said it was from touching the poplar wood. Funny thing is we never burn poplar.  This excuse could be used for many things, Teacheritis, custodialitis, bartenteritis and so on.

  • 7.  When I Have a Doctors appointment ,and I do not feel like going I say when I call the doctor to cancel: I am too sick to come in to see you.

  • 8.  Here's one I've used with success.  I live in San Diego and there are a lot of Mexican restaurants here. When I don't want to go to the doctor, etc, I call them and say that I had eaten some Mexican food the night before and that I must have gotten some bad (toxic) guacamole!  Then I proceed to tell them how I was up all night vomiting and having diarrhea!......Of course, I have to be careful not to use this one too often! ;-)

  • 9.  Please excuse _________ for being absent yesterday she went to her mother's doctor appointment with her ....the excuse was from my doctor!

  • 10.  Certificate for school or work: _______________________ was under my care on ______________ he/she will be able to return to school/work on ___________ doctor's comments:____________________________________________________.

  • 11.  Certificate for school or work: _______________ was under my care on May 20th 2000 he/she will be able to return to School/Work on May 22nd 2000 Doctors Comments:

  • 12.  Dear Managers of Shoney's, Please Miss Cherri Carter from being missing from work Saturday and Sunday. Her daughter Kiara Carter had Surgery on her right ear.  We had to take some tissue out of her ear so she could of hear better. 

    Thanks, Dr. Reggie 

  • 13.  On February 13,2001 Eunice Dotson was admitted in the hospital because she was spotting and she is pregnant and she will be out for three days.  She will return on February 16,2001.

  • 14.  From my Doctor, 6/24/96:  A. will be unable to attend to her job duties for approximately 6 weeks.  On June 22, she was using a small vacuum to clean her motor home when the wand broke grabbing her hair and knocking her unconscious.  She was treated at the ___________________ Emergency Room for lacerations to the left side of her head which required 9 stitches.  She can return to work earlier if she feels up to it but may not remember what she is doing due to the rather severe concussion she sustained.  I had my doctor send me a copy of the letter since he mailed it to where I work, I couldn't stop laughing since I rarely remember what I'm doing at work anyway.

  • 15.  "I CAN'T COME TODAY DOCTOR..."  Here is a selection of supposedly true excuses for not making a doctor's appointment.

    "Please cancel my appointment as I am hanging onto the mantelpiece with my kidneys."

    "Please cancel my appointment as I am in bed under the doctor."

    "I could not have my feet done as I have had my knee operated on."

    "I missed my appointment as I lost my card and did not find it until the plumber put in the new sink."

    "I am sorry I missed my appointment as my daughter just walked in from Africa."

    "I could not attend as I was not feeling that day and had no body to contact you."

    "I was unable to keep my appointment as I had sore feet."

    "Here with my appointment card which I failed to keep through diarrhea."

  • 16. At my daughter's school, they are required to participate in and parents are required to pay monthly for a hot lunch program that I wouldn't feed a stray dog. This year's doctor's excuse is that she had high cholesterol and is on a monitored diet!


Well friends this is all for now.  I hope you enjoy this place and please go to the Submit Excuses page and send your excuses in!

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